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12.10.2017 14:10
CDR-RW Compatibility Issues antworten

Hello Guys,

The DVD format has been dogged by compatibility problems from the very beginning. Some of these have now been addressed but others, in particular those concerning the rewritable and video variants, persist and look as though they might escalate to become the same scale of issue as the VHS vs Beta format war was for several years in the VCR industry. Incompatibility with some CD-R and CD-RW discs was an early problem. The dies used in certain of these discs will not reflect the light from DVD-ROM drives properly, rendering them unreadable. Facility Monitoring Video system & solutions work together with your business and allow day-to-day management of the processes. For CD-RW media, this problem was easily solved by the MultiRead standard and fitting DVD-ROM drives with dual-wavelength laser assemblies.


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