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12.08.2017 12:48
Old video problem, media used or machine? antworten

I've got an old AVI that was sitting on my hard drive for awhile and I decided to throw it permanently on a DVD. Similar projects have all worked out fine so I was surprised when I was playing it back how I noticed those occasional moments in a video when things will occasionally stop freeze a few seconds then the video will continue.

I checked the source material on my hard drive and it looks fine, so I guess it has to be in the recording, but I always use Verbatum blanks and good burning software (TMPGEnc Authoring Works) and I play everything back on a pretty solid performing Yamaha Home Audio non blu-ray DVD Player.

Also all of my other disks that I've ever put in this machine, both rentals and one or two more of these old things I have and never have I seen a freezing problem before. So could it be just basically problems that come up and are associated with old video being thrown on a modern day disk, could it possibly be the machine? ( I know there's no "perfect" one out there, or how about the fact that I'm running the HDMI cable though set at the lowest resolution (420)?

I have a feeling too that it just be the glitch factor. In other words if I burned it again on a new disc, it probably would not show up during playback.Thanks !

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