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18.02.2017 04:57
Postdoctoral position is a research antworten

How to Write a Winning CV for a Postdoctoral Fellowship michael kors outlet

Postdoctoral position is a research oriented job. Writing curriculum vitae (CV) for a postdoctoral position/fellowship is quite different from writing to other jobs. A postdoctoral CV is a complete list of your educational background, teaching, technical and research experience, and other professional activities. Every year thousands of new graduates will be looking for a postdoctoral position in their respective discipline. Research fellows, who have already completed one or more years of postdoctoral positions, are also seeking the same. Any postdoctoral job advertisement receives thousands of applicants from all over the world. So, finding a right postdoc position of your choice is quite competitive. The first step in the hiring process for a postdoc position will be screening candidate's CV. If your CV looks professional and eyecatching then you will be considered for the next step interview.

Here's the checklist and some tips to help you to write a striking CV for a postdoctoral position.

The main purpose of writing CV is to get you an interview. First, take a note pad and list out about your education, training, achievements, awards/scholarship received and your accomplishments in research field. Second step is to start arranging them in an order. Third step, start working on it by checking for grammar, errors and how you want to arrange and present them. Here's the list of things that you can think about (1) about yourself; (2) professional history; (3) research/work/teaching experiences; (3) technical skills; (4) publications and abstracts submissions; (6) presentation/invited talks, conference or meeting attendance; (7) reviewer; (8) honors/awards/fellowship; (9) other academic activities; (10) additional skills; (11) references. includes your name, current lab and residential address, contact information, and education. Make sure you provide your first and last names, include your e mail address and phone numbers in contact information. Under education, incorporate all the degrees you have obtained. In what field/subject the degree was awarded to you. From where you obtained the degrees (university/institute name, city and country), and when the degree was awarded (month and year). michael kors factory outlet online

In this section, you should provide your present and past jobs information. Details that to be included date of joining and leaving the position; designation/title of the job held; name of the institute/department; supervisor/principal investigator's name for whom you have worked. michael kors canada

You should briefly state your current and past research accomplishments. The title of the project, your role in the project and the techniques/approach you used to address the research questions. Finally, where the work got published.

You should write about your teaching experience as a separate section in the CV. The courses you had taught and for how many hours. Job held as a teaching assistant. If you have trained someone in the laboratory techniques, include those details. michael kors canada sale

One of the important parts of your CV is writing about your technical expertise in the field. Employers spend more time in evaluating this section to decide whether you have expertise to work in their projects. List out all the techniques you have learned during you education. If you had attended any technical training program include that information also. Follow any one specific order to list your publications. In reality, your selection for the next step of hiring process depends on your publications. michael kors outlet

As a sub section of publications, you can also incorporate manuscripts under preparation, abstracts submitted to scientific meetings, non referred articles and proceedings. Poster presentations in the meeting can also be included.

Being a reviewer, informs your ability to judge others work. Clearly state the name of journals and for how long you have been a reviewer. If your supervisor/PI had asked you to be the part of review process for any manuscripts or for students' thesis, include that information.

In this section you should provide the details about the fellowships/awards you have received during your education. This can include organizing conferences/seminars and participation in community work. michael kors canada outlet

All postdoctoral applicants need to provide at least two to three references. You should write your referee's full name and contact information (email address and telephone numbers). The referee should be in a capacity to provide information about your skills, personality and scholarly activities. michael kors wallet

These are some of the standard qualities a research scholar accomplishes over a period. You don't have to meet all these criteria to apply for a postdoctoral position. Try to build these features to be successful in research field. michael kors wallet canada

Please scroll down and vote. Thanks!

Below hubs provide helpful tips for postdoctoral fellows michael kors clearance

Tips to Write Discussion Part of a Scientific Paper michael kors outlet online

A daunting task in the career of science graduates, postdoctoral fellows, research scientists and faculty members is to report by writing their research work in peer reviewed journals. Publications are like hard currency for scientists. Publication rTips to Negotiate Postdoctoral Salary michael kors outlet canada

During a postdoctoral interview, one of the tough questions asked is: What is your salary expectation? It is obvious to feel nervous to answer this question. There are different tactics that you can use to negotiate for higher salary. This hub givesTips to Change and Find Postdoctoral and Research S. michael kors handbags outlet online

During your job search, you may come across an advertisement which looks appealing to you, but you are not entirely qualified. You may have a degree in Botany as major, but would like to work as a Research Scientist in Biotechnology field. Changing rTips to Become a Reviewer for Science Journals michael kors online outlet

The interview for postdoctoral position is very different from other kinds of job interviews. First, you have to face a telephone interview. If you are successful than you will be invited for a face to face interview. In person interview process variCommunicating Research Results: Tips to Prepare for. michael kors handbags clearance

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