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09.11.2015 02:46
As the use of plywood wood floor cushion to be vigilant formaldehyde pollution antworten

Low-grade plywood contained harmful gases - formaldehyde, a colorless, pungent odor, mainly from the production of plywood and furniture used in formaldehyde glue and urea-formaldehyde glue, formaldehyde can cause leukemia, respiratory diseases, headaches and other diseases occurs in pregnant women can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, fetal malformation. Formaldehyde and less volatile, lasting harm, so consumers in the floor installation process must strengthen supervision.
Solid wood flooring This is the natural environment of composite cladding prices, but the cushion flooring installation material used (plywood) tend to cause indoor air pollution. For example: a 100 square meters of the room, the use of low-grade plywood up to 30, closed 12 hours in the air formaldehyde exceeded 3 to 10 times. The reason is: when installing floor cushion material using a plywood (ie plywood), and many businesses in order to reduce installation costs, the use of inferior materials plywood as the floor mat installation, floor after the installation is complete you can not see the underlaying material plywood used, so consumers do not distinguish the merits of plywood.
If installed plywood, plywood formaldehyde emission must comply with the State promulgated GB18580-2001 E1 standard. According to the national standard, GB / T20238-2006 specified in 4.1.2 - plywood formaldehyde emission installations should comply with the provisions of GB18580-2001 in the E1 class, ≥9 mm thickness, if not up to the standards, the projects it is determined to be ineligible.
And this project reach the relevant standards, will directly affect the health of consumers, consumers should enhance the awareness of a healthy environment, choose environmentally friendly home improvement materials.
Now there are a few well-known brand businesses have begun to recommend the use of Discount Outdoor Decking Price installed in place of plywood do underlaying material is worth promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials, but to use the material density of more moderate cushion material made of wood floor installation, and do pest control , antiseptic and drying, the most common is to use pine bedding material do. If they can not distinguish between true and false and shoddy consumer products, consult the local authorities and professional bodies.

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