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06.11.2015 07:02
Parquet leading European markets antworten

Experts, three European markets, the new multi-layer wood decking boards sale has already formed the mainstream market. In Europe, three parquet occupy about 60 percent of solid wood flooring market. On the US market, multi-layer parquet wood flooring consumer mainstream.
Chinese market from the 1990s began to introduce these two products. In 2008, China's three-tiered, multi-layer solid wood flooring mainstream total sales reached 78 million square meters, of which three parquet sales volume is 25 million square meters, about 80% are exported to European markets. With parquet flooring sales ranked first Dekor, for example, annual growth of over 30%.
Three parquet: Compared to multi-layer parquet, three parquet wood because the closer Jiaogan and more popular. Which consists of three layers laminated wood veneer staggered, its surface for high-quality hardwood slats mosaic specifications plate or single pieces of wood, wood species, multi-use oak, beech, birch, ash, etc; core from general Miscellaneous Specifications soft wood strips, wood species more pine, poplar and the like; bottom for peeling veneer, wood species multi poplar, birch, pine. Three-layer structure made of laminated cement.
Seamless assembly without keel
Processing of new technology makes performance more stable parquet; using the seamless floor to avoid locking slit filth; non-keel installation not only saves money, but also for floor heating. Power Dekor Group, general manager of marketing, said Wang Xiaoyu, parquet crisscross structure, make the product more stable, unique in the impact resistance, surface abrasion and other indicators; multiple special pre-treatment, so that the moisture content of wood to reach equilibrium; carry out de-worming, sterilization, flame treatment, and other functions, it can be easily applied to up to 30 years of residential and business premises.
Use seamless lock, link between the product of plate bonding force could reach 1,000 kg per square meter or more, from the fundamental solution to the problem of seamless stitching. Not only more beautiful, but also to solve the traditional problem of Timber Bench Brisbane. Dekor parquet become a "national demonstration project" of choice for supplies and heating products. Non-keel installation and stable performance, fast heating, cooling gentle, comfortable and good high temperature conservation of, let parquet choice geothermal heating.

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