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03.11.2015 09:33
Floor enterprise "passive" to "active" antworten

Flooring business and consumers from the need to narrow the focus on service To narrow the distance between the consumer should be the first step flooring company establish a sound service system, but enterprises are to succeed, we can not stop at the first step. For the construction of service system, composite decking density flooring companies must adhere to, and must not, "three days fishing, two days drying net", for in the process of development, the establishment of a comprehensive service system. We will serve three-dimensional, processes, both for consumers and create a pleasant atmosphere and considerate consumption, but also for enterprises to establish a good image and reputation, but also to promote consumption, improve market share.

So, faced with today's tight market, companies should stop doors, looking for "escape" of the road belongs to the enterprise, play to their strengths, and constantly improve the innovation capability, accelerate product innovation, increase the value of brand, to speak with hard power. Overall, the doors of businesses can not just fiddle with prices fuss about the price, only to improve their productive capacity and enhance their overall strength, 6x8 wood fence panels prices many common force from the production costs, labor costs, management costs, etc., in order to win more and more market share. Brewmaster net wine industry, which is a vertically integrated industry platforms (such as B + B2C mode); the other one is the flagship brand, enhance brand awareness in the industry, thus occupying sales (traditional B2C / O2O electricity supplier mode).

According to the characteristics of wooden products, obviously the second strategy is more suitable for electronic business platform doors of business development.carter lumber white vinyl fencing cost Monofilament This pre establishment of an independent electricity supplier platform will not exist much profit, the biggest advantage of it is that the initial brand promotion, customer data continues to grow and manage. To focus on improving the platform to promote user stickiness Internet promotion is an important business platform, but also a part of the core. Way is to turn from the pursuit of the development of number and size to the pursuit of quality and efficiency;

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