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03.11.2015 09:32
Floor business transformation and upgrading antworten

Flooring company to take the initiative to adapt to the market environment, pay close attention to the transformation and upgrading, focusing on innovation and development, tong and groove technology innovation trained more powerful core competitiveness, product innovation and open a broader market, to manage innovation to bring more gratifying dynamism, in the face of adversity continue to grow and develop. Third, we must hold together for development. In an increasingly competitive market floor background floor enterprises should strengthen the development of confidence and concerted efforts to strengthen cooperation and mutual help.

In addition, the flooring company in full play the main role of the market on the basis, but also to guide this "invisible hand" with good government, as always, to create a hard environment and soft environment for the survival and development of flooring companies for business transformation and upgrading floors and the growth of a good strong backing. For floor businesses, in the environment can not change the premise of the short term, composite timber supplier singapore companies need contrarian breakout from their own perspective. Only multi-pronged approach, find a way for their own development, transformation and upgrading of the road flooring business in order to achieve the desired results.

As nine positive way home network through a combination of online and offline implementation of the "0 yuan bespoke home design, three design fair comparison,Plastic Wood Composite,Plastic Wood Composite Deck Flooring third-party supervision, secured transactions online free line installation under satisfactory re-payment, third-party sale protection" and other special services as established procedures, the effective series of online and offline together to form a standardized service system, to solve custom home in the reservation, there is a ruler, design, installation, sale and other aspects of various problems. 5, away from heat.

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