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27.10.2015 04:36
That is skiing, you know the European countries antworten

Wang Hao, moncler fabrefur a pedestrian ride his plane finally landed the Irish International Airport, where it has been waiting for them, and Wang Hao also with white under the machine, and also not to mention the scenery is very beautiful, big cities and moncler for baby many European countries have is very well developed.

But moncler men there moncler isles are not that many high-rise buildings, are all some of the classical architecture is very artistic, Wang Hao and crew who moncler ir also ride on the bus, have to say the climate here is indeed a problem, although already spring up but still cold .

Wang Hao is temporary to add their own clothes, the climate here is really cold, especially at high altitudes, so do not spend perennial snow, and if there's cold air blowing arctic temperatures will be lower, this is moncler for baby why Europe moncler jobs is here one winter without snow perennial flower becomes very cold, it has also long been them a unique advantage.

That is skiing, you know the European countries where many people will ski, which is weather-related, then there will be many people out skiing, and they have developed into tourism projects this winter, when visitors will be here in Europe very many people here also have a lot of Chinese people come here moncler fragon and ski tourism, in short, is for economic considerations.

Ride the bus with the crew was a bit long, full open to only a small arrival there, Ireland prairie, particularly housing unique, are rows of huts is not a big hotel, Wang Hao is also very like this style, watching the lush green prairies and the distant snow-capped mountains, this moment is moncler hat so beautiful, Wang Hao also take out the phone out to take pictures.

The moncler hiking boots air here is very good, Wang Hao is no cause plateau reflects, White would have been Moncler Coats considered a Sahuan to start here, and in the prairie ran off, and the crew arrived moncler boston at the vanguard is a good set up props related shooting and items.

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