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So, our therapies in the 1980s and 1990s were designed to keep the constricting phase from manifesting, and therefore there would be no overshoot and no pain. This is why to this day we continue to see migrainers treated with blood pressure lowering medications like verapamil and propranolol, which prevent tightening of vessels. In addition to these agents, antidepressants with chronic neurovascular down-gain activity like amitriptyline are added which help control chronic pain. For many patients these drugs work. That’s why they are still used in many migrainers who suffer severe and ongoing disabling attacks.

Sumatriptan lead to more compounds in the “triptan class”, and a host of “me too drugs” which are the mainstay of therapy today. Why? Because the research which produced these drugs revealed that deep inside the brain of a migrainer is a “migraine motor”. It is tied to an area in the midbrain called the Trigeminal Nucleus Caudalis. When stimulated by neurotransmitters from stress loads, lack of sleep, too much sleep Kendrick Perkins Jersey , medications, or food triggers, it sends pain signals along the Trigeminal Nerve (The Fifth Cranial Nerve), and the vascular bed which surrounds it.

The two Trigeminal Nerves (left and right) are sensory nerves innervating the scalp, forehead, face and periosteal bone of the skull. When the migraine motor is stimulated, blood vessels are irritated, inflamed, and dilate, causing severe painful migraines. This should not be confused with its very famous cousin Iman Shumpert Jersey , Trigeminal Neuralgia which is also extremely painful and responds to similar medical treatments. Sumatriptan counters this directly. It is structurally similar to serotonin (5HT), and is a 5-HT_agonist. The specific receptor subtypes it activates are present on the cranial arteries and veins. Acting as an agonist at these receptors, sumatriptan reduces the vascular inflammation and dilatation associated with migraine at its source. Even in a disabling attack, sumatriptan injection can lyse the pain of migraine within minutes, without the side effects and sedation of narcotics and anti-emetics.

So now we know more about migraines and tension headaches. We know what causes them, how they are different, and how we can treat them. But you’ve probably been asking yourselves, what are these food triggers and how do they stimulate the “migraine motor”? Migraine triggers are all over the web. A good place to start for a thorough list is at The National Headache Foundation website:

The real mechanism of migraine motor stimulation is not fully understood, but may involve the neurotransmitter levels of dopamine, serotonin Brad Daugherty Jersey , and nor-epinephrine, in addition, the hormones 2-hydroxy-estradiol, progesterone, and thyroxin, as well as IgG antibodies from different food antigens. However, the triggers are well known and they themselves give us a clue.

Certainly there are known direct vasodilator foods such as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), caffeine, kava based, and ephedra based herbs Cavaliers JR Smith Jersey , and chocolate. Of course MSG is in all of our salted snacks and most of our “prepared” foods in the freezer section. Not surprisingly, many of my migraine patients when asked to keep a food diary, find they consumed large amounts of MSG the night before an attack, usually a potato chip, Doritos, or Frito binge. Citrus such as orange juice; wine, particularly the reds; hard aged cheeses; meats cured in nitrates; pickles; peanuts; and mint, to name only a few, are well known culprits.

The non-food triggers are classic: too much or not enough sleep; the computer screen you’re looking at right now; stressful life styles; drugs of all kinds; and lastly, medicinal hormones such as progesterone Cavaliers Anderson Varejao Jersey , yeah, your birth control pills. This is one of the reasons why women are more prone to migraine.

Because headaches are so prevalent, they can become a huge topic in conversation with any doctor. Perhaps one needs to write a book on the subject to produce a concise literary treatment which the chronic headache sufferer can utilize. Or should I say, “Another book”. That’s right. There have been many, written by doctors and non-doctors alike. Hopefully this article will help you choose the right one. In the mean time, watch those foods, try some way to lower your stress, don’t forget to drink plenty of water, and if you are a true migrainer, or a chronic headache sufferer Cavaliers LeBron James Jersey , you should see your doctor right away and don’t forget to check out The National Headache Foundation.

Dr. Counce

Founded by Dr. Charles Counce, The Conservatory of Medical Arts and Sciences is a collegiate education consulting firm and private teaching resource based in the mountains of Lake George, Colorado. The Conservatory is the flagship of The Venture 17 Division of Education, a non-profit consulting firm and professorate specializing in higher academics in the medical arts and sciences.
The Venture 17 Conservatory began as an educational institution and online teaching tool to aid local college students in Colorado. However, The Conservatory has grown rapidly, reaching a large contingent of college students across America, as well as worldwide.
The Doctor is a professor of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Molecular Biology Cavaliers Kevin Love Jersey , and Hematology. In addition, he teaches American History.
Dr. Counce’s blog, “The Searchlight Messenger”, can be seen and commented on at venture17.

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