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26.10.2015 04:47
moncler ebay also looked at the effect is very excited antworten

"The Avengers who alone is nearly $ 200 million budget, and with your added is increased to three hundred million, moncler ebay mens which is three hundred million for propaganda, but for the film's publicity, I do not think anyone is more than the vast group strength, especially the vast group also produced promotional platform effects, so can accept more than moncler infant two hundred million of dollars, there are other aspects. "

"Even paycheck what is the same, the box office of the problems we are also not worried about it, moncler mens jackets and you are also indirectly help us publicize these skill that is attached to those who do not have a big star big star power, but that we are gone you light, and the subsequent film market is like a vast group here will be inclined, the most important reason for your viewing technology. "

"After our two company executives moncler ebay also looked at the effect is very excited to know that the production and imax 3d effect is very expensive, but the vast group is not the same, the cost can be said to be zero, more than they advantage, so we want to cooperate in theaters there, of course, is not just these means all-round cooperation, we can moncler hoodie talk slowly. "

The original is moncler king of prussia such a thing, it seems these people are also sensible, know the value of the underlying, Wang Hao also said, "In fact, you do not say I have an idea in this respect, after all, I just bought Mimet high, but now moncler baby there is a lot of mess waiting for me to deal with, but I also do moncler girl movies cooperation on Mimet high there, that time you can collaborate. "

"It's just the viewing plug problem is moncler outlet uk also a problem, and the first is imax 3d moncler ebay mens effect, I think that the two would certainly not moncler genevrier agree, theaters there is the same, they will certainly resist, how moncler knit hat much pressure you than me clear, after all, which has a very big interest in it, I think even if I am determined to do these also are blocking very powerful. "

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