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24.10.2015 06:13
Sun Chi mean really try to make the direction antworten

Snapped, Sun Father also shot himself in the thigh, "your kid right, Meng those actors who can play well moncler discount Huaxia Jun, it was so, I assure you, as to what the picture is no problem, there is and forces cooperation is not a problem, you go and get it together and little wisdom. "

"Thank you, Father." Wang Hao is thanks, really he moncler gamme rouge is now shooting Military piece really no interest, after all, his own company as well as a lot of the game what things to be busy, but he did not join the army who let it, it can not be do not say it is a pity, he was also very worship soldiers, especially Huaxia Jun person.

Well now, with the support of the Sun Father, and the progress they shoot quickly, but there are also some not on the table, then Father did not say anything, anyway, Wang Hao decided, as long as the picture of what a hand, as well as Sun Chi the screenplay hand to throw Sola moncler girl to busy, he going to do simply dispensers of.

And chatted for a Father, Father is gone, before leaving we asked Wang Hao, see if you can link to a failed otaku, Wang Hao is the smile comes to try, he moncler jacket review can really say that they did not dare in front of Father is the failure of otaku, a ghost that will not be taken away when the moncler gloves mice. parajumpers gobi

Sun Father gone, Sun Zhi Wang Hao also discuss the drama quickly pulled things, Sun Chi mean really try to make the direction, the script of what he has a way, just looked at the videos, that fighting the scene but he and Father gave overawed, which is moncler coats now to say that the drama with special effects, but moncler jacket moncler ebay replica maybe they'll make a killing.

And Wang Hao finished these, Wang Hao looked at Sun Chi hurry to go, what to say arrange follow-up matters, Wang Hao also smile at the office busy up.

Thirtieth chapter EA moncler fabrefur parajumpers pas cher door! (Today one more) (required collection!)

Sitting in the office watching Wuzai Liang Hao documents on the desk top, have moncler edward to say, the vast company opened these days are really busy, especially bargaining agent "war era" to pay overseas game gave them, there is something about the online game.

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