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The fumbling and bumbling of replacement referees have helped the NFL season get off to an interesting start. Between that and the NBA season starters fast approaching, it’s shaping up to be a really interesting year for bettors. If you like putting a little money on the games to make things more exciting Shawn Kemp Jersey , you may not be paying a whole lot of attention to the NBA expert betting picks and NFL betting picks. If you take your wagering more seriously, though, you’ve probably noticed that the lines are – to put it mildly – a bit odd. If there was ever a year that expert picks for NBA, NFL and NCAA football betting predictions from experts were going to come in handy, this year is it.

For the first three weeks of the season, the referee lockout really shook things up for NFL bettors. Even the experts that provide NFL betting picks and those who set the lines for the Las Vegas casinos weren’t entirely sure how the replacement refs would change odds on the games and shift lines here, there and everywhere. By the end of the second week Ray Allen Jersey , most sportsbooks had determined that the replacement refs were awarding a hefty home team advantage and started shifting lines in that direction – and then week three toppled all expectations when a blown call cost bettors about $150 million in lost bets. And just as the lines started shifting again, the league and the refs reached an agreement – but the betting lines are still in flux as the sportsbooks decide what effect the return of the real refs will have on the general morale and atmosphere surrounding the games.

But turning our attention to the basketball arenas, the NBA season start is just around the corner. This means that it?s time to start scoping out the teams to watch for the 2012-13 season. Will the Miami Heat pull it together for a repeat? Odds makers seem to think so. Nevertheless, there is serious surprise potential by teams further down in the betting lineup. The Brooklyn Nets, for example, have quietly assembled a killer starting lineup with the potential to drive the Nets into the playoffs if things break their way. Keep your eye on the Nets, who just might surprise the whole field if their bench is stronger than it looks at first glance.

So who are the NBA expert betting picks to take the whole enchilada this year? Going into the season Mitch McGary Jersey , the Heat looks pretty good to head into the Eastern Conference playoffs up by as many as 6 games, followed up by the Celts and the Sixers. Does that mean you should be gearing up your
betting strategy in that direction?

As anyone who follows sports for any length of time knows, even the best teams are one ACL tear away from a serious fail. The best way to keep your betting percentages up and increase your winnings is to keep your eye on the sports news and subscribe to daily or weekly NBA expert betting picks from a tout with a winning record of predicting the winners and point spreads you can trust.

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