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As always, it is totally your call with this one.Most people to Boray are content to unwind on a sunny day of the white sand behes and admire the view. However, the island is home to an incredibly lots of tivities to get more detailed tive travelers. Beeen June and September the winds are strong around the main White Beh, this can be the low season as there may be more rain and most resorts erect protective walls to stop sand ing onto their properties in strong winds. The rest of the year one is the most pleasant on White Beh as well as the winds transfer towards bk in the island. These seasonal winds decide in which the choice of water sports around the island transpire. In the low season the majority of the tivity transfers to White Beh, this can be a fun time to view different tivities. The favourite tivity on Boray is kitesurfing, one bonus to arriving the reduced months are that you get to observe the kitesurfers on White Beh. 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