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Penn International Single Speed Series antworten

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A few years after, he realized that dream by Opening Penn Fishing Tackle Company. The first Penn reels he produced in 1932 were sold to the public the following year. Now Penn reels are one of the, if not the most po[censored] r brand in the world. Its reels have been used to break more a thousand world records in big game fishing. Of the Penn reels, Penn International and the Senator are particularly known for their superb performance and dependability in catching the big fish.

The Penn International series was first introduced to fishermen for big game competitions in 1966. By the early 1970s, it had become the primary fishing reel used by serious fishermen in big game tournaments.

The Penn International series has a variety of reels manufactured for the sole purpose of getting the big fish. Common to all the reels in the Penn International series are the following amazing features:

o Full metal body. Each Penn International reel has a one piece aluminum frame with integrated side plate design for the best gear alignment.

o Push to turn preset knob. This [censored] keeps the drag in position.

o Dura Drag washers. This feature practically abolishes hesitation.

o Braid ready. All the reels in the Penn International series are equipped to deal with the strain that braided lines put on a reel.

Penn International VSX (Extreme) Two Speed Series

This reel is unsurpassed in the cranking power to catch game fish. Aside from the standard features that every Penn International reel has Deone Bucannon Jersey , it contains a ratcheted lever stops drag creep after hours of trolling. The 4 ball bearings make for a smooth operation.

Penn International V Two Speed Series

What puts this reel in a cl[censored] of its own is the Quick Shift Two Speed Retrieval System which allows a trouble free change from high to low gear or vice versa. Like the International VSX, it has a ratcheted lever to prevent drag creep and 4 ball bearings for optimal running condition.

Penn International Single Speed Series

This series is similar to the Penn International V Two Speed Series except for the Quick Shift Retrieval System.

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