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07.02.2015 02:19
Lawsuit filed against Alpine School District and former employees antworten

Lawsuit filed against Alpine School District and former employees alleges sexual abuse

OREM A lawsuit recently filed in Fourth District Court claims a former Orem Junior High School teacher sexually abused one of his students 33 years ago and that the principal and school district did nothing to investigate or report the abuse.

Roger wholesale?nfl?jerseys? Stephenson has filled a $500,000 lawsuit against the teacher, the principal at the time of the abuse and the Alpine School District. The Daily Herald has declined to identify the two individuals named as defendants, as no criminal charges have ever been presented.

The lawsuit states that Stephenson attended Orem Junior High from 1979 to 1982 and was molested and touched inappropriately on several occasions in 1981 by a former teacher at the school.

The lawsuit makes eight claims: three of them against the teacher only, one against the teacher and principal, and four against all three defendants. The claims made in the lawsuit include sexual assault, sexual battery, failure to report sexual abuse of a minor, active negligence and infliction of emotional distress.

Aaron Johnstun, attorney for Stephenson, said he can't speak directly to why cheap?jerseys his client waited until now to file a claim, but said the lawsuit speaks to issues surrounding victim's rights.

"Many victims believe they have done something wrong and it takes years and years and years for them to come to terms with it," Johnstun said. "In many cases, there are manipulations to keep them silent. 1 become cognizant to the full extent of the damages caused," and Johnstun said he has evidence to show that Stephenson was told not to tell anyone about the alleged abuse.

The claim states that both the principal and officials at the Alpine School District knew about the alleged abuse but did nothing to report it. Johnstun said to this day no reports of abuse have been made.

Reed Stringham with the Utah Attorney General's Office is representing both the former teacher and former principal at Orem Junior High and said both of his clients retired several years ago. According to court records, none of the defendants were ever criminally charged for the alleged abuse or for not reporting the abuse.

Both Stringham and Stephan Alderman, attorney for the Alpine School District, have filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit. Both motions say the statute of limitations and deadline to file a civil complaint in the case passed many years ago.

Stringham explained that in order to file a lawsuit against school employees who are considered government personnel, Stephenson needed wholesale?jerseys to file notice of the claim by 1987, one year after he turned 18.

The motion to dismiss states, "Because plaintiff was 13 years old in 1981, the date of the alleged assault and battery, the one year deadline for filing notice did not expire until 1987, the year after the plaintiff reached the age of majority. Plaintiff did not file the required notice until 2013, some 26 cheap?nfl?jerseys years after the deadline."

Johnstun said he is aware of the statute of limitations argument being made by the defense and said he is working on responding to the motions to dismiss. Johnstun also said he believes Stephenson falls under one of the exceptions to the statute of limitations because he was instructed not to tell anyone, including his parents, about the alleged abuse.

Stringham said neither of his clients want to comment on the case. John Patten, spokesman for Alpine School District, said it is the district's policy not to comment on open court cases.

There are no court dates set in the case, but Johnstun said once he has responded to the two motions to dismiss, oral arguments will likely be set.

Oh please Wilbur and FUE, sounds like you need to educate yourself before you open your mouths. Innocent children and young adults are violated and are finally able to have a voice, and you two sit there behind your laptops and think you can judge? What disgusting ignorance you spew. Should it matter if it's 1 week or 30 years????? Hell NO!!!! Some individuals reported their abuse and we're not listened to, or told to be quiet! Some are to afraid to speak. Abuse is abuse!! There is not time limit! Again I am disgusted by your ignorance and judgment. Maybe you two should start volunteering your time to help instead of judge.

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