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06.02.2015 08:14
I arriving a bit late to answer but I thought antworten

<P> I share my opinion too.Be aware that rhythm and soloing techniques are quite different and both are pretty hard to learn. Although D hole guitars are usually associated to rhythm and O hole to soloing, there no issue using any of those guitar types for both roles.Although you likely to want to learn both soloing and rhythm techniques straight from the start, be sure to spend the biggest chunk of your time on the rhythm first. The reason is simply that you don need to know anything about soloing to learn good rhythm, but having a good rhythm technique is definitely required to understand anything about (and therefore, progressing at) soloing.The main characteristic of gypsy jazz rhythm is the very particular strumming technique called "la pompe". Although it the first thing you need to get right as early as possible (for which I recommend Tim Robinson excellent tutorial or wholesale nfl jerseys Denis Chang "Jazz Manouche the Art of Accompaniment DVD" a few extracts of which you can find on youtube here or there), this won help you too much for soloing at the beginning. However, learning rhythm will teach you:the tunes, which you absolutely need to know by heart to be able to solo on them.the very particular chord shapes used in this style, which you need to know to relate to the arpeggios you learn for soloing.the typical jazz chord progressions, which you need to know to identify to apply your solo licks, and finally,the ability to join other musicians in jams, which will help you immensely to build your own catalogue of solo licks.No wonder why young gypsies are forced by their elders to get their rhythm technique right before being taught anything about soloing.In terms of soloing, once you have understood the particular picking technique and get to know your arpeggios, there is only two things to do: listen transcribe. Avoid learning already transcribed tabs without understanding what is going on in them. Just learning to cover an entire tune will only teach you humility when you mess up a note and find yourself stuck in your solo, unable to actually improvise. I wish someone had told me that when I started. By transcribing, you cheap jerseys will slowly figure out what notes/shapes the guitarist played over which chord/progression, which will allow you to integrate these licks to your own soloing repertoire, transpose them to adapt them to other tunes etc. But to be able to do that you should already know the cheap nfl jerseys tunes the chord shapes, that is. wholesale jerseys having learned rhythm!To transcribe, check out fellow redditor Adrian Holovaty soundslice. To practice your solos, check out the excellent djangolizerclose this windowyou'll need to login or register to do thatcreate a new accountall it takes is a username and password.

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