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Beauty allures all the human beings in all forms. The most appealing thing is the beauty of any place. In India Darjeeling is a popular tourist attraction for its beautiful hills Guy Lapointe Jersey , zoos, temples, Tea estates etc. People from the world e to visit this beauty land to calm their minds. The beautiful and green hill of the city bined with the other tourist attractions form a bination which anyone would like to visit. There are many Darjeeling holiday packages which will give you the thorough experience of these beautiful hills, which one would love to keep watching for long. In the wee hours the city is cold and the water drops on the leaves of trees seem like pearls on the greenery.

This small city attracts the people from far to have a glimpse of its beauty. People prefer to go for Darjeeling holiday packages to ensure the visit of all tourist spots in the city. There is a beautiful lake in it Howie Morenz Jersey , which adds luster to its charm. There are few famous temples in it which are often visited by its residents. There are few monasteries in the city that again attract the attention of its tourists. Darjeeling holiday packages e in different forms and arrange the visits to such sites of the city.

The most visited spot of the city is the beautiful and enticing Tiger hill. It is located at such a location from where one would experience the glittering spells of sunine when the sun rises. Another panoramic view from this hill is the view of Himalayan ranges. Anyone would be taken away by the view that this hill offers. Another fascinating hill of the city is the Observatory hill. Darjeeling holiday packages arrange to make a visit at this hill too Another attraction of the city, as stated above, is the lake from where the water is supplied in the city.

This lakes lies near the Tiger hills and is a popular piic spot there. It has a clubhouse and 9 whole golf courses. Its residents love to spend their weekends at this spot. Also the tourists love to visit this place. Shopping is also a key point of attraction which is offered by Darjeeling holiday packages. Chowrasta is the most famous place where people often hang out to do their opping. It has food stalls, and book stores at the sides of the roads. Also many other specialties of the city are sold in this market. There are many guest houses Dominic Moore Jersey , hotels and resorts in this hilly town to make the experience of the tourists more pleasant. Also it has o tea estates where tea is grown that are famous across the country.

Although the city is small, it has all necessary things required and offers a very pleasant and appealing look. This is why it is one of the most attractive tourist spots of India. Also it has a mall and a opping area to offer wide range of woolen clothes.

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