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06.02.2015 04:52
walked to the bay antworten

on duty free shipping wholesale jerseys during Cecil Mills heart attack

Bureau Chief Sam Cheap Sunglasses Ford.

had no idea that someone was actually having a heart attack, she continued. "I am basically disturbed by what had transpired and the fact that Mr. Mills lost his life and I wish that help could have been given, rendered to him sooner."

Davis, who went before a trial board before she retired last month, insisted that by the time she found out what was going on, the ambulance was already there.

There were clearly communication issues inside the firehouse, however. Two people allegedly Wholesale Bags approached rookie firefighter Remy Jones, who called on a PA that was not on.

Another firefighter claims he went to Davis' bunk room and told her about the incident across the street. She says she asked for an address.

When asked why, Davis speculates that when the firefighter saw units across the street, he didn't bother to come back to her with an address. Then, she walked to the bay doors and saw the units herself.

If this is true however, that would constitute a glaring omission from the nike nfl jerseys china city report. According to attorney Donna Rucker:

"If you are going to look at the fact that she said, 'Get me an address,' whether people find that to be an appropriate comment or not, the ultimate question is did that particular comment result in a delay for help or assistance? I think the Mills family would like to know that it did not."

It should also be noted that per policy, Davis was supposed to make sure the incident was written up in the Fire Hall office journal, and tell her superior about the incident. However, the department says she did neither, and was brought up on neglect of duty charges. Davis retired before a punishment, if any, could be issued.

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