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are looking layer of Mo and ah . "Suxia always carried a tone clearly indicated was not intentional to emphasize their behavior frequently unemployed, "To be honest, I really do not want to be so frustrating, but this company does not fit me, I can not be forced down."Little hope that Su Xia Mo has no boyfriend, perhaps because they are too picky, a little flaw estimated pants are not bent. Of course, this is only her thoughts, feelings, problems, Suxia rarely talk about, because once introduced her privately object

"Suxia, quick get out of bed! Hurry up!""Suxia, this is the last time, if you do not get up, do not expect me to help you later explain what work!"Suxia lazily rolled over, "Mo Xiao Xi, only a few, ah, do not always imitate my mother every day, to every other call me a few minutes right?!" Suxia habitually throws one, it seems that every times of unemployment at home, Mo always hope no intention of deliberately let her sleep well."Miss Su, are a few points, you have to interview 10 points today, I have come to remind you

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and even ask others what they called, will answer embarrassed. Sofriendly and encourage the two, "Take it easy, I think you go to very good point of view. In that the company should move forward with the new reserve ah, interviews Well, did not you think so complicated, you take it easy, confidence a little. ""Ah" The girl smiled at her and nodded, and continued to pick up in the hands of thing kept turning looks."Suxia!"Gentle lady at the reception shouting in Suxia react quickly is to wait until their own, then followed her

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