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<p>NBA Sports Exchange chi flat iron official website </p><p>GM Pat Riley has always been a wiz at pulling off trades. He got Alzonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway and Shaquille O among others in previous trades. Pat Riley has done it again this time unloading the 17 million dollar contract of Shawn Marion and getting what the Miami Heat lacked a big man for their front court. People were saying Jermaine O was done but as of late he has been a force especially on the defensive end. This should help the Miami Heat become a well more rounded team. Riley is tactful in everything he does and he knew that although Jermaine O has a huge contract it expires at the end of the 20092010 season. That is when all the premier free agents will be available and the heat will have as much money as anyone to resign Dwayne Wade and go after any one of the available free agents. Lastly and most importantly, this will allow Michael Beasley to progess and play more, so that the heat will actually know how good this kid can really be. Let me know your thoughts and comments. Sound Off!Kobe Bryant was on fire and set a record for most points ever scored in the famous Madison Square Garden on Monday night as the Los Angeles Lakers beat the New York Knicks 126 to 117. The previous record wad held was by Bernard King who had the record scoring 60 points back on Christmas day 1984. Kobe was unconscious from the free throw line and could not miss making 20 out of 20. He also went 3 for 6 from the three point line and made 19 field goals out of his 31 attempts. When all is said and done and Kobe retires could we be saying he is the second best basketball player to ever to play this game. Also, Do you think anyone can will ever be able dethrone Michael Jordan as the best basketball player to ever play the game? Let me know your thoughts and comments. Sound Off!Tracy McGrady is the most overrated player in the NBA!</p><p>Posted by fcasanova6 on January 30, 2009</p><p>Tracy McGrady came straight out of high school and was drafted ninth overall by the Toronto Raptors in the 1997 draft. The seven time all star has since played for the Orlando Magic and is currently playing with the Houston Rockets. He has spent most of his career with nagging injuries. Seemingly every year he misses some time whether it's his, knee, shoulder or back. There has not been one year in his twelve year career in which he has played all 82 games. Mr. Mcgrady is not a winner, he is a LOSER! Follow his career he has been to the playoff seven times and has not once gotten out of the first round in NBA playoffs. Lebron James had nobody and took the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals. Kobe has taken his team to the Finals. Wade did have Shaq (the older Shaq), and won the Title all on his own. McGrady has the best Center in the Western Conference in Yao Ming and cannot exit the first round of the NBA playoffs. I don't care if he can score 40 points a game, I would rather have Candace Parker from the WNBA then this fool! He has only played 28 games this year, what a surprise! Folks, getting Ron Artest will not help TMAC get out of the first round this year either. I don't even want to hear Hall of Fame when it comes to McGrady. It's the same story every year, so Tracy I hope you enjoy watching the NBA Playoffs from home after you lose in the first round. Let me know your comments and thoughts. Sound Off!Can the Cleveland Cavaliers post a perfect home record this year?</p><p>Posted by fcasanova6 on January 28, 2009</p><p>Following last night's home victory in which Mo Williams went for a career high 43 points in a 117 to 110 win by the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Sacramento Kings, Lebron James company look push their record at home to 210. No team in NBA history has ever posted a perfect home record of 410 in a season. The best single season NBA home record belongs to the 8586 Boston Celtics which posted a home record of 40 wins and only 1 loss. The best mark to open a season on the home court was by the 19951996 season where the Chicago Bulls who started the season with 37 straight home wins. Can Cleveland run the table, in a league where there is so much talent and any team can win on any night, I believe there is no way that they can go perfect. King James might have something to say about that though. Let me know your thoughts and comments. Sound Off!Trade Rumors swirling regarding Jermaine O'Neal and Shawn Marion</p><p>Posted by fcasanova6 on January 16, 2009</p><p>The closer we get to the February trade deadline in the NBA the more you will start to hear rumors and possible trades that are either being talked about seriously or are just hype. Jermaine O'Neal and Shawn Marion are two players that may seriously be traded by the time the trade deadline comes. Let's start with Jermaine O'Neal, he has always been a sold player and was recently traded to the Toronto Raptors this past offseason. Things haven't gone quite as planned as the Raptors envisioned two towers of terror between O'Neal and Chris Bosh, but the team is currently under .500 and would not make the playoffs. O'Neal is a big man though and that is a need for many teams who are struggling to have a post presence. Shawn Marion is a versatile small forward/power forward who can rebound, pass, defend, and score. He nearly averaging a doubledouble this season and is a free agent at the end of the year. With the sudden emergence of Michael Beasley and Udonis Haslem already on the Miami Heat, Marion could be left the odd man out. Well come the trade deadline of or maybe both of these players will not be on their respective teams. What's team do you root for and would you want either of these players on your team? Let me know possible trades you would like to see or have thought of? Let me know your thoughts and comments. Sound Off!NBA All Star Game Western Conference starters, who should really start? chi hair straighteners </p><p>Posted by fcasanova6 on January 14, 2009</p><p>As per my previous post we mentioned we would be analyzing the Western Conference possible starting lineups for this year's All Star game. In the West the leading vote getters among guards are Kobe Bryant and Tracy Mcgrady. The forwards are led by Tim Duncan and Carmelo Anthony. Finally at the center position Yao Ming is the leading the ballot to when it comes to the center position. As far as the guards I would definitely start Kobe Bryant, as he has is Lakers with the best record in the Association. Kobe may very well be the most well rounded basket ball player in the NBA. Tracy McGrady is projected to start but his numbers and injury plagued career don't merit it this season. Chris Paul is the best point guard in the NBA and is averaging 20.4 points a game. He leads the league in assists at 11.2 per game and also leads the league in steals at 2.9 a game. When it comes to the forwards, I have no gripe with Tim Duncan who is averaging 20.4 points a game and averaging 10.1 rebounds a game. Mr. Fundemental was the glue that held together the Spurs while Manu and Tony Parker were out with injuries. Carmelo is projected to be the other starting all star forward based on votes and while he has had a nice year along with the his new partner in crime Chauncey Billups, there is another forward who is having a better year and should be starting. Dirk Nowitski is playing his butt off in Dallas averaging 25.8 points a game and averaging 8.6 rebounds per game. In the middle Yao Ming will win ever year's vote because China has so many people that vote, but irregardless of that he is the choice in the middle. Yao statistically is better than any other center the Western Conference has to offer averaging 19.5 points a game and 9.7 rebounds. So the starting five should look like this:NBA All Star Game Eastern Conference starters, who should really start?</p><p>Posted by fcasanova6 on January 14, 2009</p><p>We are getting close to the midpoint of the NBA season, which means the NBA All Star game scheduled for February 15, 2009 is right around the corner. Although fans vote who will start in the ASG, we can start to consider who really should be the starters in the 2009 NBA All Star Game based on performance. In the East the leading vote getters among guards are Dwayne Wade and Allen Iverson. The forwards are led by Lebron James and Kevin Garnett. Finally at the center position Dwight Howard is the leading the ballot to date with no one anywhere near in sight. Dwight Howard has over 2.1 million votes while the next closest competitor Samuel Dalmbert has a modest 257,527 votes. Let's start with the guards I would definitely start Dwayne Wade, he leads the league in scoring as in an MVP candidate. Although Iverson is projected to start and I love his heart because he tries so hard every game and pours his heart out onto the court he should not be next to Wade as the starting back court duo rather that honor should go to Devin Harris. Devin Harris is playing out of his mind posting his best numbers since he came into the league. He is averaging 22.9 points a game and 6.7 assists a game compared to Iverson's 17.9 points a game and 5.6 assists a game. When it comes to the forwards, I have no complaints with Lebron James who is second in the league in scoring and has catapulted his Cavaliers to the best Eastern Conference Record. Popularity does help in the voting for these players as Kevin Garnett looks like the other forward who would be starting next to James. But in his place I believe Chris Bosh should start. Chris Bosh is having a monster season averaging 23.4 points a game and compared to Garnett's 16.1 points a game. He also holds a slight edge in rebounding averaging 9.8 rebounds a game to Garnett's 9.2 rebounds a game. In the middle there is no discussion Dwight Howard is a beast and no one comes close. Howard is a man among boys and there is no one that can stop him they can only hope to contain him. His offense game has improved every year and he is probably the favorite for NBA Defensive Player of the Year. So the starting five should look like this:Whose the MVP so far this Season in the NBA chi hair straightener </p><p>Posted by fcasanova6 on January 13, 2009</p><p>This year there have been many players having amazing season in the NBA some of those include Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Danny Granger, Chris Bosh, Dirk Nowitzki, among others. Right now the race for MVP is between three people as I see it Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade. Lebron James has transformed the Clevland Cavaliers into one of the elite teams in the NBA. They are currently first in the Eastern Conference and have not lost at home posting a 190 record. Lebron is second in the NBA in scoring averaging 27.7 points a game and now that he has some new players this year like Mo Williams and Delonte West, the Cavaliers look like the favriotes to come out of the East. Kobe Bryant has the Lakers holding the best record in the whole NBA at 30 wins and six losses. They have a well balanced team with him Paul Gasol, Andrew Bynum, and Lamar Odom. This Laker team is not like the previous teams when Kobe had to score 45 points so they can win. Kobe does it all now from passing to rebounding to playing defense and does all the little things that elevates his to team to greatness. This has happend since the burden hasd been taking off when it comes to scoring. Finally, Dwayne Wade who had been battling injuries for the past couple years is back and better than ever. Flash after returning the Olypmics and leading the USA team to win gold by leading the team in scoring has not stop there. Wade is currently leading the league in scoring at 29.0 points per game and has boosted this putrid 1567 team from last year to currently hodling the sixth spot for the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. Wade also is in the top ten in assists, top three in steals, and top twenty in blocks, he is the only guard in the top twent in blocks. He has eleveated his game even higher than the 2006 Championship run when the Miami Heat won it all. So who do you think is this year MVP so far? Let me know your thoughts. Sound Off! chi flat iron website </p>

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