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05.02.2015 07:34
From social anarchist perspective:can anyone antworten

<P>truly reject everything that society is?I assume you mean the current society? Anarchist don reject society in of itself, just it current form. In effect, we trying to build a new society with different aims, structures and values.Isn this subreddit some kind of system which has its own set of rules?Yes. It is a fallacy that anarchists reject systems and rules as a concept. Anarchy means "no rulers" in greek, NOT "no rules". If you ask me, what maters in a society is who is making the rules, how and who do they benefit. Currently it is the rich and powerful, using their own exclusionary political mechanisms, for their own benefit. Anarchist propose that people themselves should make rules for their specific contexts, using direct participation, for the benefit of the collective whole. Keep in mind, I not saying that reddit is anarchist in it organization, if it was, there would be a way to at least vote mods in or out. Then again neither is housing or work, still a lot of anarchists have shelter and a job and at wholesale jerseys the same time disagree with the ways these things are structured (landlord and wage systems).What is the difference between rules enforced onto you that you agree upon and rules that you enforce on yourself.If you agree on a rule, there no need for it to be enforced.Is there equality in anarchism? because it is comparing sets of beliefs.Yes, economic and political equality is generally a given in anarchism.What is the minimum that needs to be believed to be an anarchist? What is the axiomatic fondation of anarchism?Rejection of top down hierarchy in the ways people relate to each other in all spheres of life.Are you truly free when you an anarchist? If so what is the meaning of that freedom?Not at this moment. It doesn matter what you call yourself, we all subject to capitalism and state. Anarchism is just a potential for freedom. I know it might seem like anarchism is reactionary with all the anti this and anti that. But trust me, some anarchists actually concentrate on building. One is imposed on you ( usually with force or a threat of force) the other is more akin to sharing knowledge. When you organize, do so around practical issues like wage theft, immigrant rights, gentrification, poor working conditions, etc. Don get tricked into thinking that you can/should organize everybody and everything at once, stick to what impacts you personally and what cheap nfl jerseys interests you. That said, don become self isolating or single issue; don forget solidarity with wholesale nfl jerseys other struggles. If your organization (or affinity group, or union, or community, or block assosiation, or whatever) runs on cheap nfl jerseys anarchist principles, provides an alternative to capitalism, plus a way to effectively confront capitalism (and the state) it will be more likely to attract supporters. That is to say; if an anarchist collective entity can actually provide something tangible to people (and not just lofty rhetoric of the comming revolution) it can build a popular radical movement.For example: from personal experience, workers organized through IWW are far less likely to buy into the stock mainstream media disinformation of anarchism as chaos and capitalism as salvation of manking becaue they know from practical day to day experience that it absolutely isn so, even though they themselves might not identify as anarchist. </P>

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