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04.02.2015 08:37
we will have antworten

<P>If he wants to actually help people (which I'm sure he does) and get ratings, here's what I'm proposing to him:</P>
<P>I will take all of those patients from NYC that you featured on your show with Wholesale Replica Handbags LASIK complications, perform a CustomVue WaveFront exam on them to map out their visual imperfections, then cut a PreVue lens with my laser, that they can then hold up and look through, to see exactly how they'd see if they let me perform a SafeSight enhancement (I published an editorial about this technique in one of the leading Replica Handbags refractive journals in the world a few years ago).</P>
<P>All of these patients will report some visual improvement from this simulation (typically 10 90%). I guarantee that at least one will have enough objective and subjective improvement that they'll decide to proceed with enhancement</P>
<P>Then I'll perform the enhancement live Discount Bags on Dr. Oz's show. That's how confident I am. And then the next week we will have the person back on the show, and he or she will be smiling and Cheap Bags happy, because we fixed those so called "permanent debilitating" visual symptoms after LASIK. I guarantee it.</P>
<P>Of course, we'd do all of this for free. I'm not doing this for fame or fortune. I'm doing this to prove to the world what top refractive surgeons around the world are starting to recognize: that performing a wavefront Advanced Surface Ablation with MMC can reduce or eliminate the majority of visual complaints post LASIK</P>
<P>So that's why I did this whole SafeSight Jewelry thing. Not to spread the word that SafeSight Jewelry can help a dozen rap stars. But to spread the word that SafeSight LASEK can help thousands of people around the world solve their LASIK symptoms!;)</P>

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