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NFL Power Rankings 2010 antworten

<p>NFL Power Rankings 2010</p><p>My rankings will not go by teams' record, that's what the standings are for, and that's why the home team doesn't always win in the playoffs. Also, this isn't baseball, there's no need to discuss playerbyplayer acquisitions and departures unless it's a quarterback or a franchise player. This is the ultimate team game. I like to think football starts off with your quarterback, and you can overcome an average quarterback with a good running game, a good defense, and a good head coach. As searching through every possible thing inside and out of these teams, I found the NFL schedule is going to be the key to most teams success or the lack there of in 201011. So buckle up, it's most likely your favorite sports season, unlike mine being baseball. Brett Favre has made his decision, so everybody, on your feet for the kickoff.</p><p>This team has an offense, no question about that. However, today, they had two wins turned into two losses this season. I can 100% guarantee Brett Favre will not, absolutely will not, lose to the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers could be the NFC MVP.</p><p>Wait, Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton are not the best wide receivers on our team anymore? Wait, we have a passing game? Wait, we have Anquan Boldin and Donte Stallworth? Nice. If Boldin and Stallworth, actually, if one of them can stay healthy throughout this season I'll give them a 124 season, tough schedule and all.</p><p>I don't know. The experts say their good. Tony Romo finally won a playoff game. I don't see it. I don't see a passing game anymore. Run the football Jason Garrett, please, I beg you. Felix Jones, stay healthy, please, I beg you. Their defense will carry this team. If 12 wins is the over/under, with their schedule, I'll take the over, seriously.</p><p>Schedule, schedule, schedule; the schedule is a huge problem standing in the way of the Minnesota Vikings. Must. Protect. The. Quarterback. Brett Favre will not have the season he had last year, but this team will be the MOST determined, they will have the highest sense of urgency, and they are the most desperate to win and win now. There is no next season this time. Brett Favre gives the Vikings 3 wins they would not get with out him. They just went from 79 to 106. They will beat the Saints, because they want revenge. They'll either lose at the Pats or at the Jets. And they'll either lose home against the Dolphins or home against the Cowboys. Maybe another loss at 'daaa Bears. Lots of injuries to worry about, Sidney Rice hip, Percy migraines, Favre ankle, Berrian knee, that enough to worry about for now. (And I guess Peterson hand if you can count that as an injury.) Vikings 106.</p><p>They went 106 last season, and they got better in the offseason. Terrell Owens can still play football. Terrell Owens can still play football. One more time? Terrell Owens can still play football at a very high level. Their defense is really good, and Carson Palmer is healthy still. They haven had anyone been in trouble, yet, and it seems like they have great chemistry.</p><p>Last season they won close game after close game, here are some of their win differentials: 2, 4, 4, 3, 1, 2, 8, 4. That was against teams like: JAX, MIA, SF, HOU. They lose 4 of those. I'll say 106. They still have arguably the greatest quarterback ever on their team.</p><p>I count 11 games they will be surely favored in, by a lot, and then their tough games are at home. I'm going to make a bold prediction here and say 124. The Falcons went 97 last season and I'm fairly sure 87% of their team was injured for at least one game. This team made the playoffs just 2 seasons ago, and they have plenty of good, hardnosed, players. It's going to be a big year for Atlanta this year. 124.</p><p>Damn you NFL schedule, I wanted to pick this team to go amazingly like 133, but I can't. Are you kidding me? That is absolutely unbelievable. At least we all know they'll be focused, right? I'm rooting for the Miami Dolphins this season. Maybe if Ronnie Brown stays healthy, this team can be fun to watch week to week. 106, maybe? I think they have the least drama in their division and they are the most focused. Keep Brandon Marshall happy. 97.</p><p>Revis Island has turned into the Deserted Island. I really do not believe one defensive back makes that big of a difference. Yes, he does take the best receivers out of the game, but I also think Rex Ryan has a lot to do with that. I'm not sure being on Hard Knocks was a good idea, but they are professionals so it shouldn't matter. Their schedule doesn't look to be a problem, but like the Dolphins, they have the MIN, GB, CIN, and BAL. But here's the incredible difference. The Jets get them all at home, the Dolphins get them all on the road. Lucky? I would say so. Life's not fair Miami, life's not fair. Jets will go 115 if it doesn't turn into a circus. I predict it will turn into a circus, the wheels come off in a hurry, and they will be 97. The Jets losing Thomas Jones is a bigger deal than most people know or think, however, LaDainian Tomlinson might have a big year. I could see it for sure. 97.</p><p>Give the 49ers two easy wins against the Rams, two easy wins against the Cardinals, and two easy wins against the Seahawks. Running away with the division, I'll take the sure win against the Buccaneers, and three wins against either the Raiders, the Chiefs, the Panthers, and the Broncos. Well, there are 10 wins. 106 and you will be rewarded with a home playoff game against either the Vikings or the Packers.</p><p>3 of the last 7 Super Bowl Champs have missed the playoffs the following season. Doesn't sound like a huge stat, minus the dynasty Patriots and it's 3 of the last 4. The Falcons are better, the Panthers are better, and their schedule is harder. Honestly I'm predicting a 97 season, barely making the playoffs. Although it's an even year, not a good sign to be a Saint. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping </p><p>Phillip Rivers quietly is one of NFL's best quarterbacks. He might not get the hype the rest of the superstars get. However, Antonio Gates is getting older, Vincent Jackson hasn't signed yet, and officially LaDainian Tomlinson cannot carry the Chargers now. Rivers gradually took over the Chargers over the past two seasons and it would be a tough test without LT and Jackson. Kansas City and Oakland will be a lot tougher tests this season, Denver always plays them tough, but they drew the very weak NFC West division for their schedule: 49ers, Seahawks, Cardinals, and Rams. 106, but don't be surprised if they take a step back this year.</p><p>Every year we say the Houston Texans are so close to being great. They have had too many heartbreaking losses to the Indianapolis Colts. They went 97 last year, and six of their losses were by a touchdown or less, wow. They lost four games at home, which cannot happen again. It's too much of an advantage to be the home team in football. 106.</p><p>They finished last season winning 9 of their last 11, all with Vince Young taking snaps. I think Young is just about through with his maturing process. Dear Vincesanity, turn around and hand the ball to Chris Johnson, period. That is more than enough to win 10 games, but I say 97. Texans and Colts just too good. Okay, so it's not backtoback like the Dolphins have and they get most of those games as well at home. Once again, I am sorry Miami Dolphins. That being said the Patriots just are not what they use to be. However, they won the division last year, and went 106. Jets and Dolphins are both better this season, and their schedule is more difficult. 79, not a fun season in Foxborough.</p><p>Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it all. You wanted Donovan McNabb gone, well guess what have fun playing him, twice. Kevin Kolb is really good, but you cannot beat the heart and soul that McNabb played with in that Eagles uniform. Kolb will never, ever, make a play like this:</p><p>The Giants are coming off an 88 season, they didn't make a lot of changes, and their schedule is average. Not much will be different, unless one of their wide receivers has a breakout year. They need to protect Eli Manning better; there is no way around it. You never know what offensive line you'll get with the Giants, therefore you never know what Eli you will get, therefore you do not know what Giants team you will get each week and each season. It'll be another average year in the Meadowlands, 79. nfl jerseys nike china </p><p>(My next two predictions might make you close out of this blog and never ever consider me as a reliable sports source again. I like to think I'll be correct.)</p><p>I predict the Oakland Raiders will not have a losing record and maybe, just maybe a winning record. I see them starting the season 63, and who knows where that'll take them. The San Diego Chargers are struggling to get their top players signed; maybe the Raiders can take down the division. 97, come on Raiders!</p><p>They picked up Thomas Jones, and I think that is a big deal. I don't know how much he has left in the tank, especially after caring the Jets on his shoulders last season for countless games. Like the Chargers they have the NFC West; also, they play Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Cleveland. Go .500 in division, that's 10 winnable games for the Chiefs. How about this, how about I predict the 2009 412 Chiefs to go 88. Come on Chiefs!</p><p>Let the Pete Carroll era begin. I have no idea what to expect from the Seahawks. When predict them to do well they stink, when we predict they'll be average they do well. 511 last season, I'll go 88 this season.</p><p>We know they can run the football, but we also know they can't pass the football. Julius Peppers is gone, oops, that's costly. Luckily their schedule is so easy. 88 is about where they'll be, and outside looking in. If Matt Moore can throw the ball decent, you never know. I don think he will, so 79.</p><p>The Washington Redskins just do not have enough playmakers yet. Donovan McNabb is a helluva leader and a helluva quarterback and Mike Shanahan is a helluva coach. That being said, 2 guys cannot win football games, especially when one is your coach. They are in the NFC East, which is always a strong division. Don't write the 'Skins off, but they are looking at 6 or 7 win season.</p><p>They did pickup Juluis Peppers, but as stated early, players don't carry teams in football. However, of the the last 10 teams in these rankings this team could be the best. But they are in the NFC North, not a good place to be in 2010. Jay Cutler is a very talented football player, but he's not a good quarterback yet. He gets going, and the Bears get going. I am a huge Cutler guy because he has all the tools, it's about time to organize the toolbox and build something with it. I could have every tool in the world, no way in hell I could even make a birdhouse. There were girls better in my woodshop class than me in middle school and high school. In fact one girl basically made my projects that allowed me to pass. (I made a metal truck in Minnesota Wild colors during their inaugural season, and it's sweet.) Anywho, the Chicago Bears can be pretty good, 88 giving the Vikings a run for their money.</p><p>Their schedule is brutal, their fans are brutal, and your quarterback is brutal. Jack Del Rio will be fired, and it's not really his fault. They'll lose games, the fans will stop showing up, the games will start being blacked out, and it'll just be time for a change. Maurice JonesDrew is still really good though! 79.</p><p>You're missing your starting quarterback for 4 weeks, you missed the playoffs last year, and you're the third best team in your division. I just counted 12 losses on your schedule. 610, and I wouldn't mind seeing Ben Roethlisberger benched.</p><p>Woah, why are the Arizona Cardinals way down here? They just lost their most valuable player and quarterback Kurt Warner, so that leaves Matt Leinart under center. Cardinals probably are asking for Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels to take their talents to Phoenix by week 10. However they have a fairly easy schedule so I guess they could go 88, but I see a 610.</p><p>They should be fun to watch. Matthew Stafford is going to be good, they have Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, and many other good offensive players. However. 9 of their 11 starters on defense should not even be 2nd stringers. Lions will make the playoffs by 2013. There is some hope! 511 is BOLD, but I like it! wholesale nhl jerseys from china </p>

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