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<p>New Music</p><p>This will come as no surprise to anyone who been to a show at the Echo where half the audience is frantically texting about the great time they having (at the expense of watching the set): Particular cities are influential in shaping music tastes. But how exactly does that influencerchain work, and how does it differ among genres? Two Cornell researchers have a new paper that tries to diagram how one gets from a Patient Zero with a rad underground 7inch in Montreal to an album of the year Grammy. are relative bit players.</p><p>If indie rock were given a clinical diagnosis right now, it would likely be attentiondeficit disorder. Every space lyrically, musically and sonically is often overstuffed with information.</p><p>The songs on Bahamas' sophomore album "Barchords" revel in the wide open spaces that capture a frontier ambience, a trait he shares with other Canadian musicians such as Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Cowboy Junkies. The album has generated laudatory reviews in The Times, the Boston Globe, the All Music Guide and several other media outlets. tour that took him through Austin, Texas last week for the South by Southwest festival and swings on through to Los Angeles for his stop Tuesday night at the Satellite club in Silver Lake. buy replica oakley </p><p>"I'm trying to get to the point as quickly as possible, but not necessarily rushing," said the 30yearold musician who backed other Canadians, Leslie Feist among them, before striking out on his own. "I don't like to put too much between me and the song, or between the song and the listener."</p><p>His curious stage name stems from "Whole Wide World," a song on his first album in which he recounts his mother telling him that there's one girl in the world for him, and she might be in Tahiti, the Bahamas or some other farflung locale putting the idea of scouring the globe for his soul mate into his head. The voting ends Friday, though it unclear from the website what time it officially closes.</p><p>To the untrained eye, the difference between these two nearly identical photos seems inconsequential. Wrong. Each one tells a very specific tale one that probably says more about the beholder than it does about Biebs himself. Behind these two equally expressionless gazes exist two very different sets of values, thoughts and fears that are worth examining. buy fake oakleys </p><p>Let's take a closer look, shall we? Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys </p><p>Photo 1 (left)</p><p>At first, this pose appears to be a classic Bieber. The sight of his hand mussing through his phantom curtain of bangs that he shed long ago denotes a nostaligic feeling for the past. This look would probably appeal to a young, nave idealist who is as passionate about ending war as about the use of quality hair care products. Unfortunately you can only focus on one passion at a time, and a bottle of Vidal Sassoon is much easier to attain than world peace. The look of confusion and uncertainty might also attract a Bieber fan who's not quite ready to let go of the Biebs days as the innocent, underage hearthrob. The chooser of this photo might even be apprehensive about moving forward in her or his own life moving out of the house, getting a job, buying bed sheets without cartoon characters on them. With the panache and wisdom that comes with 18 years of living, this is the kind of photo you take when you're trying to show the world your newfound independence. Casting off the shadow of an outworn, sweetheart persona, you too might be looking for a change in how people perceive you. You also the kind of person willing to take a risk after all, not everyone chooses to expose a tank top underneath a collared shirt unless he willing to be judged. Lately you've been easily distracted (obviously) by something new and enticing that's come out of nowehere. A new life goal perhaps? A new love interest? A shiny object of some kind?</p><p>Results of the voting for the new artwork for the "Boyfriend" will be revealed Monday morning. Careful, there a lot riding on this. Choose wisely.</p><p> Nate Jackson</p><p>Photo: Two options for the cover art of Justin Bieber new single, "Boyfriend."What if Brian Wilson had never made a teenage symphony to God and instead was a happygolucky atheist? The result might sound like Mrs. Magician new single, "There Is No God," an evil surf ditty that barely as long as the Lord Prayer.</p><p>Not taking it easy on us for a second, the song kicks off with the line, "You all gonna die." Then the band goes on to spoil our day even further by singing, like the heathens they are, "There no God." After rejecting the big guy in the sky, they cement the ridicule by merrily singing "la la la la," like a bunch of choirboys who lost their minds.</p><p>Hailing from our sister city to the south, San Diego, Mrs. Magician is one of those bands made of members who have toiled in many other bands. For instance, drummer Cory Stier also plays for the Cults, a similarly religionobsessed act, and will be doing doubleduty when the two groups tour the country this spring. Mrs. Magician album, produced by San Diego rock mayor John "Swami" Reis of Hot Snakes and Rocket From the Crypt, will drop digitally on March 6.</p><p>By the way, like San Francisco Girls, there not a lady in this band but we thinking of the name as a hattip to all those thankless beauties who have been sawed in half onstage. Come March 22 at the Music Box, the Mrs. will be making her confessions live. Bring your holy water for dousing.</p><p>Photo: Cory Stier, Tommy Garcia, Jacob Turnbloom and Evan Ehrich in Mrs. Magician. Credit: Big Hassle</p><p>After sweeping the Grammys with an Adelelike force in 2003, Norah Jones hasn exactly had a disappointing career. But after three subsequent albums that showed signs of Jones stretching beyond the jazzdusted nocturnal vibe that made "Come Away With Me" such a breakout hit, there a nagging sense that we know what to expect from her.</p><p>Even with the occasional assistance of Okkervil River Will Sheff and current indie darling Ryan Adams, her 2009 record "The Fall" was still, ultimately, a pretty typical Norah Jones record with lowkey yet polished songs framing her gently sanded voice. Even her recent album with her side project the Little Willies earlier this year just felt like a more direct acknowledgement of the country elements that always hovered at the edges of Jones music. Wholesale Jerseys </p>

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