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Highway 20 realignment appears cheap nfl jerseys china back Wholesale Fake Sunglasses on track

TIMELINE: A LONG AND WINDING ROAD2004: Final environmental impact statement identifies route for new section of highway. The project was expected to cost $153 million and the initial completion date was December 2009.2005: Project is awarded to Yaquina River Constructors, a subsidiary of Granite Construction, a Watsonville, California, firm. Ground is broken.2006: Construction begins in January with clearing and grubbing. 160 acres of unprotected hillsides were exposed and erosion led to sediment flowing into creeks and streams. Muddy runoff ran into the Yaquina River and a half dozen tributaries, damaging spawning beds and food supplies for sensitive populations of salmon, steelhead and cutthroat trout.The state Department of Environmental Quality ultimately fines Granite $240,000 for what DEQ officials said was "reckless" behavior. 61 violations were cited but only 41 were addressed in the fine. ODOT, meanwhile, was fined $90,000.Granite also discovered what it said were ancient and unanticipated landslides along the new alignment.2007: ODOT and Granite agree to suspend the project and investigate four of the landslides. Granite, along with its design management, bridge and geotechnical consultants, proposes shear keys and buttresses to hold the slides in place. The changes added 700,000 cubic yards of earthwork to the project and added $46 million to its cost."We know we're going to go over our $130 million (construction) budget. But by how much?" said Joe Harwood, ODOT spokesman.2008: Construction resumes, with the pricetag of the project now Cheap Replica Sunglasses at $197 million and a new opening date target of 2011.Randy Quetschke, owner of the Burnt Woods Store, discussed the project in a May 2008 Gazette Times interview."In the long range, it will help even more because the highway will be safer," he said. "We waited so long for it to get started. People are anxious to get it started again and get it over with. We have to drive the road, too."Granite, meanwhile, agrees to perform environmental work to settle $192,000 of its $240,000 fine. ODOT does the same, contributing $72,000 to a fish passage project.2010: Granite determines that columns at two of the bridges it had constructed were out of plumb and that the four landslides were still moving. The shear keys and buttresses had not solved the problem.2011: No substantial construction was completed in the sections containing the four slides and the bridges.In a June 3 story the Gazette Times reports that the price tag has reached $217 million and that the new timeline for completion has shifted to 2013."We're determined to finish the project and have a safe road with a long life expectancy," ODOT spokesman Rick Little said, adding "the highway will definitely be a straighter, safer road than what we've had . even in this stretch of the project."2012: ODOT negotiates an end to the contract with Granite and takes control of the project. Granite refunds $15 million to ODOT.ODOT and contractor Scarsella Brothers of Kent, Wash., complete Phase 1 of the redesigned project on time and on budget ($14.48 million). The project includes installing 55 miles of horizontal drains to decrease the chances of slides, installing ground sensors and demolishing one completed bridge and three that were under construction.2013: In January the Oregon Transportation Commission approves an additional $141 million tocomplete the project. One of the options considered by the commission was to abandon the project. A newtarget date for completion of 2016 is established. The funds bring the total to $365.78 million, more than $200 million abovethe original budget.Phase 2 and Phase 2A arecompleted on time and on budget by K Construction (Phase 2) and Wildish Construction (Phase 2A). Phase 2 includes 35 Michael Kors Outlet more miles of horizontal drains and installing culverts to replace bridges. Phase 2A consisted mainly of work on the current highway.2014: Phase 3 construction contract ($40.9 million) is awarded to Scarsella. The work, set for 2014 15, includes placing 2.5 million cubic yards of earth and rock and adding 20 more miles of horizontal drains as well as added rock buttresses and ground anchors to prevent slides.Phase 3A (no contract has been awarded yet) will take care of habitat improvements for fish and wildlife.2016: Phase 4 construction (no contract has been awarded) will include final grading, paving, striping, installation of guardrails, drainage and landscaping.

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