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Kings Canyon National Park, 461,901 acres (187,070 hectares), antworten

<P> E central California. Largely wilderness, the park features summits of the High Sierras and two enormous canyons on the Kings River. General Grant Grove, with giant sequoias, is a detached section Cheap Nike Jerseys of the park and was formerly the General Grant National Park (est. 1890). Kings Canyon was established as a national park in 1940 and adjoins Sequoia National Park; the two are administered as a single unit. Muir was delighted at the canyon's similarity to Yosemite Valley, as it reinforced his theory regarding the origin of both valleys, which, though competing with Josiah Whitney's then accepted theory that the spectacular mountain valleys were formed by earthquake action, Muir's theory later proved correct: that both valleys were carved by massive glaciers during the last Ice Age.
<P>Then United States Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes fought to create the Kings Canyon National Nike NFL Jerseys China Park. He hired Ansel Adams to photograph and document this among other parks, in great part leading to the passage NFL Jerseys Supplyof the bill in March 1940.[3] The bill combined the General Grant Grove with the backcountry beyond Zumwalt Meadow.[4]
<P>Kings Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Canyon's future was in doubt for nearly fifty years. Some wanted to build a dam at the western end of the valley, while others wanted to Wholesale Nike Jerseyspreserve it as a park. The small, detached General Grant Grove section preserves several groves of giant sequoias, including the General Grant Grove, with the famous General Grant Tree, and the Redwood Mountain Grove, which is the largest remaining natural grove of giant sequoias in the world (covering 3,100 acres (1,300 and with 15,800 sequoia trees over one foot 1 foot (30 in diameter at their bases). The park's Giant Sequoia forests are part of 202,430 acres (81,920 of old growth forests shared by Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.[5] This section of the park is mostly mixed conifer forest, and is readily accessible via paved highways.[6]
<P>The remainder of Kings Canyon National Park, which comprises over 90% of the total area of the park, is located to the east of General Grant Grove and forms the headwaters of the South and Middle Forks of the Kings River and the South Fork of the San Joaquin River. Both the South and Middle Forks of the Kings Rivers have extensive glacial canyons. One portion of the South Fork canyon, known as the Kings Canyon, gives the entire park its name. Kings Canyon, with a maximum depth of 8,200 feet (2,500 is one of the deepest canyons in the United States.[6][7] The canyon was carved by glaciers out of granite. The Kings Canyon, and its developed area, Cedar Grove, is the only portion Nike NFL Jerseysof the main part of the park that is accessible by motor vehicle. Both the Kings Canyon and its Middle Fork twin, Tehipite Valley, are deeply incised, U shaped glacial gorges with relatively flat floors and towering granite cliffs thousands of feet high.[6] In addition, the canyon has several cave systems, one Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys of which is the Boyden Cave, which is open to the public. Usually snow free only from late June until late October, the high country is accessible only via foot and horse trails.[6] The Sierran crest forms the eastern boundary of the park, from Mount Goethe in the north, down to Junction Peak, at the boundary with Sequoia National Park. Several passes cross the crest into the park, including Bishop Pass, Taboose Pass, Sawmill Pass, and Kearsarge Pass. A few miles outside the park, Kings Canyon deepens and steepens becoming arguably the deepest canyon in North America for a short distance. The confluence of the South Fork and Middle forks of the Kings River lies at 2,260 feet (690 while towering above the rivers on the north side of the canyon is Spanish Peak, which is 10,051 feet (3,064 tall.[9]
<P>Most of the mountains and canyons in the Sierra Nevada are formed in granitic rocks. These rocks, such as granite, diorite and monzonite, formed when molten rock cooled far beneath the surface of the earth. The molten rock was a by product of a geologic process known as subduction. Powerful forces in the earth forced the landmass under the waters of the Pacific Ocean beneath and below an advancing North Cheap NFL Jerseys American Continent. Super hot water driven from the subjecting ocean floor migrated upward and melted rock as it went. This process took place during the Cretaceous Period, 100 million years ago. Granitic rocks have speckled salt and pepper appearance because they contain various minerals including quartz, feldspars and micas.[9]
<P>While geologists debate the details, it is clear that the Sierra Nevada is a young mountain range, probably not more than 10 million years old. Incredible forces in the earth, probably associated with the development of the Great Basin, forced the mountains to grow and climb toward the sky. During the 10 million years at least four periods of glacial advance Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale have coated the mountains in a thick mantle of ice. Glaciers form and develop during long periods of cool and wet weather. Glaciers move through the mountains like slow motion rivers carving deep valleys and craggy peaks. The extensive Wholesale Jerseyshistory of glaciation within the range and the erosion resistant nature of the granitic rocks that make up most of the Sierra Nevada have together created a landscape of hanging valleys, waterfalls, craggy peaks, alpine lakes and glacial canyons.[9]Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks campgrounds are located in oak woodlands in the warm, dry foothills and in the higher, cooler conifer forests. They range in elevation from 2,100 to 7,500 feet (640 to 2,300 m). Lodgepole, Dorst, Grant Grove and Atwell Mill campgrounds are near giant sequoia groves. In general, higher elevation campgrounds are cooler and closer to giant sequoias.

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