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02.02.2015 09:08
These would all be compelling points if the 2011 antworten

<P> Occupy protests accomplished anything cheap nfl jerseys meaningful. They didn What happened was that a bunch of angry people got together and made a lot of noise about how angry they were. That great for raising awareness, but worthless if there nobody there to maintain the movement momentum and direct resources toward specific goals. Take a look at the modern LGBT rights movement. They don fight for change by gathering together to say, "Hey everybody, we pissed off that we not treated equally." They don waste their wholesale nfl jerseys time lumping all problems under one umbrella wholesale jerseys and then demanding "change" without actually defining cheap nfl jerseys what "change" they want. No, they distribute their resources by fighting specific and clearly defined battles such as DOMA, the right to marry, and protections against workplace discrimination. This is a more efficient use of funding, resources, and marketing power, and, unsurprisingly, has proven to be more effective than anything Occupy ever did.EDIT: To address your other point about stealing. The local grocery chains in my area are privately owned and run on thin margins. If you steal too much food from them, then they don have the money to cover their costs, which means less selection and fewer employees. Or it means shutting down the store entirely. That sounds extreme, but it the reason why my city has two major food deserts now. One independent, family owned market shut down a few years ago because they were losing too much money to theft. The nearest grocery store in that low income neighborhood is miles away, which is problematic when most residents rely on the city slow bus system. The other desert hasn had a supermarket in over a decade because the last one shut down due to crime and nobody else is willing to take the financial risk of opening a store in a neighborhood with that kind of history. So all stealing accomplished in these cases was to shut down sources of jobs and fresh healthy food. Was Washington, Wall Street, major corporations, or the elite affected by these changes? No.

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