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02.02.2015 08:06
Midwest Madness antworten

<p>Midwest Madness chi flat iron website </p><p>His crew showing some stable, impressive numbers perhaps proving that learning basic HTML is a beneficial lifechanging accomplishment.</p><p>2. Robin Hood: Men in Titus (12): You know how it feels when you look at your bench and see Andre Brown sitting there with 27 points?RH:MIT does. Much like this lineup decision, his schedule against the highscoring OhDaddy was unfortunate but this roster has a crew of starters and some depth that make it a serious threat. Seems like he be able to close that gap, making him a real contender this season. Green and Torrey Smith had unusually productive weeks. There a good chance he take a page from Phillip Rivers and keep batting away the competition for weeks to come though, thanks to some consistent starters.</p><p>5. MJD: Genuine Draft Pick (30): You can credit Mike Goodson, you can blame Aaron Rodgers shitty season, but whatever the cause you staring at the only undefeated team in the league. Now, I am a realist I know my team winning in double digits by one point isn fantastic but a win is a win, and I going to go do this. chi hair straighteners </p><p>6. Hands Off My Vick! (21): HOMV namesake is proving to be a blessing and a curse, sometimes leading the team in scoring and other times falling apart and taking DeSean Jackson with him. Weak performances from starters really hurt him this week, though we only get truly concerned if this repeats next week.</p><p>7. CuteButVicious (21):Even after forgetting to make a Thursday game lineup check, CBV still manages to snag a win. Nothing could stop Jamaal Charles this week, making up for some lackluster points from Stevan Ridley, and CBV remains someone to watch out for in the upcoming weeks. chi flat irons </p><p>8. Fitz and Giggles (12): Fitz came out of nowhere to prove that her team is definitely formidable so long as stars like Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson get some help from their respective QBs. And hey, if Trent Richardson keeps scoring TDs every week? Fine by me.</p><p>9. Cleveland Steamers (03): Picture this: You have four people to play in a Monday night game, including an elite quarterback, who simply need to get 37 points total for a win. Then, you wake up and see that Aaron Rodgers got nine points and you didn manage the win. Yep. You can let Aaron push your team around, especially when you losttwiceby just one point. (Sidenote: When you Google point gif, this happens.)</p><p>10. SUHgirls OneCup (12):After a monster week in the beginning, SUHgirls has scored 82 points and 73 points respectively a significant and surprising drop from such a strong start to the season. With a possibly injured Stafford added to the mix, he gotta watch out opponents might continue to snagwins away from this crew.</p><p>11. DThomas the TD Engine (12): The TD Engine is stalled at the station, thanks to constant injuries and underwhelming performances from fantasy whackamoles like Vincent Jackson. You, Tom Brady, and your D must feel frustrated tough times, bro.</p><p>12. Oxford Commas (03): Oxford is in some trouble this season for one, this guyearned a starting role (though I guilty of nearly starting him last year tough times = desperate measures). It equally rough seeing guys like Wes Welker boasting lots of points from the bench, so perhaps it a little early to be giving up on those surefire starters. chi hair dryer </p>

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