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First impressions in the workplace can have a lasting impact on a career

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Getting a job is the first step. Keeping that job is all the rest of the steps.

For those who have labored long and hard to finally get their career going in the right direction, there is a tremendous sense of relief when they land a coveted position. But the truth is that they have only taken the first step in the career building process.

The next step can have significant ramifications on their career. The first impression.

Make no mistake a quality first impression can have a lasting impact on a career.

First impressions in the workplace often turn into long term perceptions and reputations which are good for workers who make positive first impressions (the halo effect), but bad for people who make negative first impressions. The early days are when managers form the most Darrelle Revis Super Bowl Jersey lasting impressions about new workers. That is when they make assessments about typical behavior.

In the workplace, during those first few early days when a new worker is meeting everyone, first impressions are about future potential. New workers need to realize that first impressions are remembered.

Most managers do not Darrelle Revis Super Bowl 49 Jersey expect superstar status from new workers. There is an unofficial grace period while a worker settles into a new job. Here are a few tips to help make a great first impression.

1) A positive attitude. Nothing works better and accomplishes more than Julian Edelman Super Bowl XLIX Jersey having a positive attitude. Enthusiasm for the job and for being part of the organization will go a long way. Show team spirit.

2) Dress for the job. Never underestimate the importance of dressing professionally. In the beginning, even if the department has casual days, dress professionally. New workers never know when they will be called to meet a manager or a client.

3) Ask for help. No one expects new workers to solve problems during their first few days on the job. Always ask questions and ask for help when needed. Remember that it's better to ask instead of doing a task the wrong way and waste time.

4) Listen more, talk less. When not asking questions, new workers should make sure that they are listening and learning. Communication is more than talking. Take a lot of notes in meetings. Try to minimize making coworkers have to repeat things. Pay attention.

5) In time, take the initiative. Most new workers are given small assignments to start with. After a few such successes, workers can show they are ready to handle a bigger workload, take the initiative, and ask for more assignments. Be proactive and volunteer.

6) Do not be a clock watcher. Be on time, come in early, stay a little later. It will give managers a great first impression. New workers should make sure that they leave after the majority of coworkers.

7) Establish a good attendance record. Just as with working full days, it's important to show up to work every day and establish a good attendance record. There will be emergencies and genuine illnesses but new workers should try to make it to work every day during those first months on the job.

8) Avoid office politics and gossip. As with any social organization, the workplace is full of rumors and gossip. The mission of a new worker is to keep clean of all of it and be sure not to associate too often with the office gossips. Do not solicit gossip. Stay out of office politics as long as possible.

9) Attend after hour activities. Many organizations have formal or informal activities after work. Get involved, because these types of activities are great ways to bond with coworkers.

10) Find a mentor. When a new worker gets introduced to senior staff, they should begin to think about developing a mentor relationship with a member of management in the organization. Mentoring has numerous benefits, from a simple sounding board to someone who helps direct.

11) Keep management informed. Managers need to be informed of how things are going and how new workers are doing. In the first few months, meet with management to further establish a rapport and relationship. Request meetings on a consistent basis to review performance.

12) Network with key people in the organization. Take every opportunity to network with key people attend staff meetings, professional conferences, and trade shows every opportunity to meet colleagues. Job seekers were already networking. That translates into a new network in the new organization.

Being the newest worker in the organization is both challenging and exciting. New workers are faced with both difficulties and opportunities, and their goal should be to make the most of all situations. Remember to relax, keep an open mind, get to know team members, and do the work. Those are the first steps to make a lasting impression.

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