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Michigan a rivalry that antworten

<p>Michigan a rivalry that is recession</p><p>COLUMBUS Ohio State Michigan never needed a tangible symbol of what was at stake in The Game, so it was never played for an Old Oaken Bucket or a Little Brown Jug. It was usually for the Big Ten championship, because the two schools are the flagship programs of the dominant collegiate conference in the Midwest.</p><p>Ohio State's E. Gordon Gee, back for a second turn as the school's president, was a newcomer in 1988. In other career stops, he had been part of the PittWest Virginia and ColoradoNebraska rivalries. "This is an aircraft carrier," he said of Ohio StateMichigan. "Those were speedboats."</p><p>If The Game were only about national rankings, it would be MiamiFlorida State in 2006, the season Wake Forest played in the Orange Bowl. Certainly in Ohio, The Game means almost as much as ever this year.</p><p>Football is ingrained in Ohioans. It is almost part of their DNA. chi hair straighteners </p><p>Marvin Fong/The Plain DealerHistory, pride and a love for football make the Ohio StateMichigan rivalry one of the most popular in sports.</p><p>Ann Arbor, Mich., by contrast, is a 30minute drive from Detroit and its array of pro teams.</p><p>While Columbus has an NHL team and an MLS team, it has no team in the three biggest professional sports. Ohio State is the big leagues in the state capital. chi flat iron website </p><p>Michigan also shares the state market with Michigan State, Avis to its Hertz.</p><p>Ohio State football is the single most popular spectator sport in Ohio, pro or college. Cincinnati is making noise in the Big East, but it's Lilliput compared to Ohio State.</p><p>Cleveland is the secondmost fervent Ohio State hotbed, behind only Columbus. The Glenville High School pipeline sends an inordinate number of accomplished players to OSU. The television ratings for the national championship victory over Miami were secondhighest in the whole country in Cleveland, behind only Columbus.</p><p>No wonder most fans in Ohio follow the Buckeyes religiously. Just look at the dreadful state of the Browns and Bengals and the elevatorshaft ups and downs of the Indians and Reds. Cavaliers fans fear 2010 and LeBron James' free agency the way a tax cheat fears an audit. In all this time, Ohio State has maintained high standards . . . except for the outsider coach, John Cooper.</p><p>Cooper, who preceded Jim Tressel, had a careerlong inability to get a handle on rivalry games. He also was pretty much skunked at Tulsa and Arizona State for backyard bragging rights. His 2101 record against Michigan greatly embittered the OSU fan base. chi flat iron </p><p>Michigan fans want to beat Ohio State, but otherwise don't care what the Buckeyes do.</p><p>Ohio State fans want to grind Michigan into dust. When Gee removed his maize and blue bow tie and contributed it to a charity clothing drive Monday, he would have gratified OSU's fans more if he had set it on fire. chi hair products </p><p>But, after six losses to Ohio State in the past seven installments of The Game, this is the worst Michigan team ever. It is opposed by a disappointing Ohio State team to boot. A rivalry hardly depends on parity, though. Are the Steelers less of a rival for the Browns because the Browns seldom win?</p><p>A rivalry, however, cannot thrive unless it is embraced. Cooper foolishly tried to downplay Michigan. Today will reveal much about firstyear Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez, who has never been part of the rivalry, as a player or assistant coach.</p><p>Tressel embraced The Game by counting down to it with the eagerness of a man sardined into Times Square on New Year's Eve, waiting for the illuminated ball to drop. "I can assure you, you will be proud of your young people . . . especially in 310 days in Ann Arbor, Mich.," he said in his introductory speech.</p><p>Although once dominated by the personalities of coaches Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler, The Game is at bottom a players' endeavor. Said former Buckeye Jim Lachey, now a member of the radio team for OSU games: "My first game against Michigan, I was a special teams player. I never felt the ground when I ran out there. I was hovering."</p><p>Watching The Game with his father, Lee, was the generational bond in Tressel's family. The rivalry might be reduced to some, but for him there are still swords and ceremony to it. Tressel said Monday that players don't get "knighted" until they flower in The Game.</p><p>Michigan fans still speak of the "Biakabutuka Game." Mike Lanese is remembered for a catch, Ray Griffin for an interception return, Desmond Howard for a punt return, and Troy Smith for a comeback from defeat's door. After Smith made every big play in the final minutes in 2005, Tressel said, "Little boys will run through leaves in the back yard with a football, pretending to be Troy Smith."</p><p>Smith wore No. 10. Tressel, idolizing another No. 10 at quarterback for Ohio State, Rex Kern, wore the same number as a boy. Once triumphant in leafstrewn victories, he grew up to mend a great rivalry that was in tatters and restore a state's pride. Fans who dismiss Ohio StateMichigan today ignore the aircraft carrier in the room and the knights who hover over their chance of a lifetime.</p>

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