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31.01.2015 06:28
it was reduced to reckless antworten

<P>Bryan Crime</P><P></P><P>Expunge a reckless replica oakleys driving conviction</P><P></P><P>Arrested in TX for DWI five years ago. Went to court and it was reduced to reckless driving and was put on probation for 6 months. Served probation and have had no issues/tickets since. What needs to be done to have record expunged? Do I need to have a reckless driving expunged? Will it show in a criminal background check that I was arrested for a DWI or just that I was convicted of reckless driving? Finally, how long will it take for the whole process to be complete should I need to hire an attorney?</P><P></P><P>I was arrested on the 4th of July for Public Intoxication at a Pool Party. While the officer was asking me questions prior to the arrest, in a drunken state I responded with the wrong answer to my DOB. He then ran my name and charged me with giving false info ( Failure to identify). Do I have a case or should I just take the charge? Should i hire an attorney to buy fake oakleys help negotiate or will it just be a waste of money for a Class B misdemeanor.</P>

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