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30.07.2014 08:29
Accurate selection of jewelry three piece set antworten

We often heard that weddings Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale jewelry to buy three sets, but exactly which three files? in fact married three piece refers to the rings, earrings and necklaces, these three things from the hands and body, had their ears covered.
New purchased married jewelry of when, most often select of is ring, and earrings and necklace this three sample jewelry; since this three sample jewelry is will selected items, classified for married jewelry suit purchased, price more offers, more by new welcomes; most important of is ring, and earrings and necklace this three sample jewelry match into set, let bride wearing up more can highlights temperament, makes bride elegant moving.
Since the marriage customs of different, individual economic conditions, weddings can also be flexibly select, buy wedding jewelry items or wedding jewelry set even more. No matter how much number of wedding jewelry, variety, after all, is just a token of love, as long as the couple happily would have been enough.
In General, when new people buying wedding jewelry, material most people buy gold jewelry, pick the gold rings, gold earrings, gold necklace to match. When the bride wears a cheongsam or when Phoenix coat, matching red dresses and gold jewelry is a very expensive gas. So buy those pieces need to pay attention to what?
First, three sets of material color to achieve unification match
Married three pieces sets of purchase should is together pick, best is in a business’s purchase. because it is to married jewelry three pieces sets of combination purchased, so in material, and design, and style Shang are must do coordination unified; if ring is 18K gold, so Necklace (hanging pendant), earrings also should is 18K Gold; if ring with Tiffany and Co Bracelets Jewelry Outlet Online Store Platinum gold mosaic diamond, so Necklace (hanging pendant Shang mosaic diamond), earrings also must is Platinum gold material, to guarantee material of unified coordination, while avoid gem match, Such as rings are diamonds, and pendants using a red, Sapphire, emeralds and other precious stones, this will definitely cause visual illusions, undermining the overall harmony and charm jewelry, and giving a flamboyant image.
Second, three pieces of technology diamond match to achieve balance and coordination
Wedding jewelry special handling in the production, purchase three piece wedding jewelry, we also want to achieve unity of style of production, such as gold jewelry plating and polishing, sandblasting, car craft and so on; in product modeling remain consistent, geometry and geometric shape, streamline and streamline, symmetry, proportion must be of the right size. Like, a article 5-7 grams of necklace, hanging pendant of length on should not be over 3 cm, 1 carats of ring, hanging pendant Shang with drill should not be is less than 0.30 carats, earrings with drill should not be is less than 0.25 carats/each grain, ring is spray sand technology processing of, other two paragraph also must is by spray sand technology processing of, not attending; jewelry of purchase involving of not only is price and varieties, more important of is to meet you of personality and grade, meet objective of aesthetic standard.
Above we can see that, just right to suit your wedding Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store jewelry will add a lot of color to the bride, your own wedding ornament more beautiful!

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