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Spider-man first swung into action in the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 and was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Lee Jerseys Wholesale , you may be aware, also created The Hulk and Thor with his Destroyer, so recently resurrected in the movie Thor.

In the original story Spider-man is Peter Parker, a brainy high school student who can’t get the girl. The young Parker lives with his aunt May and uncle Ben, after this uncle dies he decides to use his powers to fight crime. Having been bit by a radioactive spider he gains the ability to climb walls along with super human strength and agility. Being able to fire spider-webs when required Jerseys For Cheap , which he called “web-shooters”, and avoid or react to danger quickly because of his “spider-sense” gave Spider-man the edge against his evil foes.

Spider-man has long been one of Marvel’s most valuable characters. Spidey is all over, besides the multiple comic book titles, he has been on TV as a live action series and Saturday morning cartoons. More recently, a series of films have been released starring Tobey Maguire as the hapless Peter Parker who so easily transforms himself into your “friendly neighborhood” superhero. Rather bizarrely , there is even a Broadway musical starring Spider-Man called Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Currently in production is a new Spider-man film called the Amazing Spider-man starring the Social Network’s Andrew Garfield. Tobey Macguire debuted as the web-slinger almost 10 years ago. This new take on the Spider-tales is supposed to be more true to the original Spider-man canon.

Spin offs
All of this media focus and publicity has spun off a considerable franchise and memorabilia industry around our superhero. In the early 70′s the franchise was still taking off and the quality of merchandise was not what it is today, the very first Spider-man figure would be a rare item to own. Only a hand full of professional collectors still own of these hard to find items. Luckily for our web head and his fans a new industry has been created. Today the collectibles industry can now produce very detailed Spiderman statues and bust. Thanks to these new firms the collectible items available today is made at much higher standards.

Spider-man statues are just a small part of an industry that creates figures from famous monster movies, TV personalities and even sports stars. The durability of this genre ways on the shoulders of its artists. This is clearly reflected in the quality of the finished item. The other factor for success was identifying the making of limited edition releases. Because of this, collectibles such as Spider-man figures are works of art which rapidly become highly sought after.

Stop by collectiblestatues.ltrreviews for the latest in comic book and statue discussion. Check out our review on this Spiderman statue as well as our catalogued Sideshow Collectibles topics.

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