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29.07.2014 08:20
Common wedding jewelry meaning antworten

Wedding Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale ewelry is an integral element of marriage, but what jewelry would need to buy? Different ornaments and what meaning does it have? Wedding jewelry currently on the market a wide range of diverse styles, often makes people choose eye. Today, small series to introduce common meaning of wedding jewelry represents.
With "a diamond is forever, one is forever" slogan, diamonds are increasingly being accepted as expressing "a long" jewelry. Diamond White, colorful, durable, symbolizing pure, true belief about love. Today, the diamond has become a rigid demand at home, married to buy diamonds is almost prescriptive rules, and it also gives the diamond a unique sense of love.
Gold is a kind of most ordinary have been bullish on precious metals, and its value property, meaning "love over gold". Shining gold ornaments worn on the body of festivity and expensive gas, despite the increase in international gold prices, gold prices have also been raised, but also can not stop people to buy gold Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale ornaments passion. This is for the eternal value of gold has long been popular, and with the development of the times, it represents more distant.
Fruity and smooth Pearl represents not only a complete content, meaning there are two people in love, running through inclusive later crystallized into the meaning of beautiful pearls, extension on more to love each other and care for meaning. Her beauty always spread, have experienced the changing times are still classic, Queen's position impregnable as jewelry. Wedding pearls of brides look elegant and charming, glamorous but without fuss.
Rock gems is the most beautiful and precious stone of the kind, their bright colors, textures and translucent, shiny bright, hard, durable, and that no one can resist her beauty. Gemstones includes Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, gold and green cat's eye, tourmaline, even diamonds are gems. Represents is different in various gems like rubies symbolize love, dignity, Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store Sapphire symbolizes love, honesty, and emerald is a symbol of extravagance and vitality, and so on.

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