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28.07.2014 09:56
Medical Marijuana Bill antworten

Medical Marijuana Bill in Minnesota Part 2

Schneider moved from Wisconsin to Michigan so he could gain access to medical marijuana at this shop in Houghton. It's a Provisional Health Center that provides medicinal marijuana to patients from around the Upper Peninsula.

Nathan Joyal, owner of the Provisional Health Center said, "We provide medication to licensed patients. The staff here are state licensed caregivers, and so they have a license to dispense the medication and to advise the patients like a doctor or a pharmacist would."

In the couple years the center has been open, Nathan Joyal says he's seen this plant help people with a number of ailments.

"Appetite control, treating anxiety conditions, PTSD, they have back pain, John Brown Authentic Jersey digestive conditions." said Joyal.

Around the country 20 states have legalized medical marijuana and in the next legislative session, Minnesota will be discussing whether to become the 21st. But even in Houghton, where the law has been in effect for more than three years there has been some turmoil between Ben Gardner Kids Jersey federal and state laws.

"There was a lot of confusion when the law first came out." Joyal states.

At the federal level marijuana is considered a schedule one drug, which means potential incarceration for possession. But with Michigan's new law you can legally possess and consume marijuana if you have a doctor's prescription.

Lieutenant Nicholas Roberts of the Houghton Police Department said, "Each patient can have 2.5 ounces or up to 12 plants, some people forget or intentionally forget how many they can have and that can get them in trouble."

Lieutenant Roberts told me, "As far as if crime has gone up with illegal use of marijuana, I would have to say it's about the same, this is for the city of Houghton."

Some opponents to legalizing marijuana in Minnesota say they're worried that patients could get hooked on the drug. Joyal says addiction is dependent on who's using.

"As anything else people do, going on roller coasters, watching movies, gambling, anything like that, driving fast, people become psychologically addicted to things and that depends on the individual user, their personality, their self control." says Joyal.

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