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The poem is written by Emily Dickinson. The speaker says that she heard a fly buzz as she lay on her deathbed. She then goes on to talk about how the room was as still and there is a storm outside. "The eyes beside had wrung them dry," Here you get the impression that there is lots of loved ones around an that they have all said there good byes and cried their eyes out. Then when she said "And breaths were gathering sure

For that last onset,". This means she knows she is dieing as she gathers he last breath.

After this she said "Be witnessed in his power. I willed my keepsakes, signed away What portion of me I" She is talking about the reading of her will and wishes and then all of a sudden the sound of a fly's buzz catches her attention the . She was paying attention to this fly when it occurs that this is her last thought that runs threw her head as the light goes away from her eyes as she dies.

The theme in this poem show how life can be taken away so quickly and even at the most important moments of life such as death, you are easily distracted. It also symbolizes in this poem that the fly itself is death and that when it cuts of her light and her eyes its her time to go just like that. It shows there is nothing glorious about death.

The form in "I heard a Fly buzz" is a pattern that Dickinson usually uses: Iambic trimeter. She does not rhyming scheme in this poem and it is a free verse.

"Success is counted sweetest"

Leap, splashless, as they swim. AJ McCarron Jersey

The poem was written in iambic trimeter with occasional four syllable lines. The poem follows an ABAC rhyming scheme. The poem is also rhythmically broken up by long dashes. The dashes at the end of the lines mean that there are longer pauses.

Emily Dickinson depicts the bird as it eats the worm, as it pecks at the glass and drinks the water, and glances around fearfully. The bird becomes naturally frightened of the speaker and flies away. There is an interesting feature in the final stanza where Dickinson provides one of the best flying descriptions in all of poetry. Emily, in this stanza, compares flight using water motion ( swimming and rowing ) , which evokes the delicacy of moving through air. Conflict created when the will of an individual opposes the majority is the recurring theme of many novels, plays, and essays.

Emily Elizabeth Dickenson was born at the Homestead in Amherst, Massachusetts on December 10th, 1830, into a prominent family. Emily attended primary school in a two story building on Pleasant Street, Amherst. School was important in the Dickenson house as Emily's parents always encouraged her to work hard in school and to learn. On September 7th, 1840, Emily moved on to Amherst academy.

During her youth and teenage years, Emily attended the academy for seven years. At the academy she studied English, classical literature, Latin, botany, geology, history, philosophy, and arithmetic.

Emily had a couple of major influences which had an impact on her writing. The first was an attorney names Benjamin Franklin Newton who the Dickinson family befriended. Newton introduced her to writings of William Wordsworth. He also gave her Ralph Waldo Emerson's first book of collected poems which had a significant result. Newton taught her and held her in high regard and recognizing her as a poet. While Newton was dying of tuberculosis, he wrote to Emily saying that he hopes to live to see her achieve the greatness that he foresees. Another large influence in Emily's life was William Shakespeare, who she commonly referred to.

During Emily's adult years she became more and more secluded from the outside world, which was a result of a few occurrences of death within her relationships which were with Charles Wadsworth, and her mother. As Emily became more and more secluded from the outside world, it appeared her productivity when it came to writing poems increase significantly. Between 1858 and 1865 Emily wrote approximately 800 poems which nobody was aware of until the time of her death. The first half of the 1860's, after she had largely withdrawn from social life, proved to be her most productive writing period.

During Dickenson's later life she continued to write poems, although she stopped editing and organizing her poems because she not as acquainted with reality. At this time, Emily had a lot of close people to her who were dying and she became upset about this. In 1884 she wrote, "The Dyings have been too deep for me, and before I could raise my Heart from one, another has come". The following summer, she fainted while she was baking in the kitchen. She remained unconscious late into the night and many weeks of illness followed. On May 15, 1886, after several days of worsening symptoms, Emily Dickinson died at the age of 55. Dickinson chief physician gave the cause of death as Bright disease and its duration as two and a half years. She seems to be speaking to no one but herself. The tone is that of somewhat enlightening and happy. Throughout the poem birds or things that birds do are referenced a total of 6 times. The poems talks of many things that birds do like sing gale, perch, etc. The image of a bird is that of a happy one it gives the reader the idea that hope is something that is kind and gentle.

The theme of the poem is that hope is a good thing, something that everyone should have. It is nestled in everyone just they have to dig it out. The theme for this poem is evident because of the length of the poem and the constant description as to what hope is.

Many of the words chosen are words used to develop the original metaphor is the thing with feathers, That perches in the soul This is obviously the comparison of hope to a bird. These words describe what a bird does, where it can be found, and how it reacts to hardship. The word abash more than likely means someone or something that makes you give up hope and want to give up.

The sentence structure of this poem is one that is typical to many Emily Dickinson poems. The poem is that of iambic trimeter, this common among many of her poems. There are unusual things sentence wise that happen in this poem. The use of long poems is unusual for poets of her time sings the tune the Also she doesn seem to follow any sort rhyming pattern, while her lines also don follow any sort of length pattern either.

Paradise Cove Golf Course is the greatest and most private courses in the whole world. The only way to play on it is to go through a tough screening process in which only the truly dedicated golfers can attend. They would live there, play there and of course

The people who live on the island get to play on golf course 7 days a week for free. Their only job is to keep the course is at its finest. They work everyday until their respective jobs have been completed, then they get the day off to do whatever they want, which is likely play the course.

The idea of food was one problem that the developers of the golf course had to overcome. Besides the fish and the mango plants there is truly nothing else available for the habitants. The location of the island was one thing that it had going for it. Because it is just 25 kilometres off the coast of Florida, twice a month a ship comes full of food and other supplies that they need like golf equipment and supplies for the houses. Each habitant receives the exact same amount of food and how they eat it is up to them.

Every year, 50 100 people are brought to this island to enjoy 5 10 of the greatest years of their life. This is the only day of the year in which no one works and there is a big celebration to welcome these newcomers. The habitants of the island order a ship full of treats and goodies for the feast of the night. People are assigned to show the newcomers around the island and their new homes. That day, newcomers get to play the course to get a feel for the course and its surroundings.

The island is located off the coast of Florida, so the temperature is warm all year round. There are many palm trees and other tropical plants around the island. There are a series of mountains in the corner of the island although no one goes there.

There are some problems with the location of the island. During hurricane season, many of these hurricanes hit this tiny island. There is no way to stop his so the habitants just hope for the best every start to the season. As a result of this, the habitants have to work extra hard after the hurricane hits to keep the houses and the golf course clean.

There are also somewhat dangerous animals on the island. The ocean has a few sharks, sting rays and jelly fish. Many people have trouble with the lizards although they are not dangerous.

It seems that the only religion the habitants practise is that of golf. But for those who practise their own religion there is a church on the island for anyone to practice any religion.

There is no formal leader; only the ones who have been around longest have seniority over the tasks around the island. There are very few rules that are different to the ones in North America only that in stead of going to prison you are sent home immediately. This rarely happens because the people that are sent to the island go through a very intense screening process done by the owner of the island, Ben Cousins. First island hopefuls have to write a 2 4 page essay as to why they deserve to live on the island. Then he chooses 200 people that are deemed acceptable, form there it is up to the citizens to determine the final 100 entrants.

Health is a very important part of the life of the habitants to Paradise Cove. As said earlier, golf is an important means of keeping the health. The only boat that is docked on the island is for emergency health problems. Medicine is delivered on a monthly basis for those in need. Sporting equipment for other people is available, but only in limited amounts.

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