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Weapons in Saints Row 2 antworten

Weapons in Saints Row 2

If you've run out of ammo, or you just feel like getting up close and personal, melee weapons often give a small advantage over pistol whipping opponents. Completing all 6 levels of FUZZ in Projects District gives unlimited Ammo.

All SMGs can be Dual Wielded, and are automatically available to dual wield in your Cache. Although accuracy and power degrade over range, some shotguns are Cheap Jerseys still effective at medium distances, making them solid all rounder firearms.

The only real drawbacks are a limited ammo capacity, coupled with a high rate of fire, the rifle demands control to avoid running out in the middle of a firefight. In order to recieve infinite Ammo, you must complete all 5 Hitman lists which are either rare enough or devastating enough to be limited to a single class. All offer such devastating power, ammo is often limited, but used correctly, can do colossal amounts of damage in a very short time. Unlimited Rockets can be Unlocked by completing Ultor Family Fun Day on the Corporate Warfare DLC. Unlimited Sniper Ammo counts as Unlimited Ammo, so you get them the same way. weapons are often the most flexible of weapons, whether used offensively to clear out a room, or defensively, to cover your retreat in a speeding car. When on foot, throwing is controlled by both triggers, allowing for Long and Short throws.

Some thrown items, which do not immediately explode, will knock enemies over, with the exception of the Satchel Charge (only working on sitting NPCs), which will stick to a target until detonated remotely. Mounted on Vehicles, all Wholesale NFL Jerseys equipped with infinite ammo.

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