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21.07.2014 07:48
Jewelry with knowledge antworten

The wearing of Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale jewelry is a major problem, many times it is even more important than the clothing itself, wear properly, like a finishing touch; wearing the wrong case, then became a target of public criticism, as if the joke openly hang on the body.

How to play this intrinsic charm jewelry and functions? Should first know what occasion to wear jewelry, what occasion can wear jewelry problems. In the past, people's ideas, and that only a formal and solemn occasions can wear jewelry, is not suitable for other occasions to wear jewelry, in fact, this is a recognition of bias, as long as the right to wear, can be worn for any occasion jewelry. We have gained a better understanding of clothing, know the difference between formal wear, casual wear, dresses, casual wear, etc. are, and know that on different occasions to wear different clothes, and jewelry worn on, it appears that the lack of knowledge, opinions are no longer a piece of jewelry to wear off, what occasion is it.

Several major occasions to wear jewelry should pay attention to:

For professional women, accessories limiting wear more, in addition to compliance with certain principles, in fact, he spent a little effort, cleverly choose their own temperament and style jewelry, shape their own unique taste, is that you find confidence and success key. In order to break the color wear simple, can hairline in the chest, as well as some color with vivid colored gemstone necklace, in addition solemn serious wear and transmission to women's vitality and beauty. This selection of colored gemstones, we must note that the gem grade, some pure bright jewel colors, anti-fire must be better Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale gems, precious stones must have aura.

Meanwhile on the basis of wear, clever mix of jewelry, shape wear can play a subtly change the effect here is that the two most important jewelry, necklaces and brooches. At the edge of the collar suits do not curve design brooch, you can make a solemn suit being added active movement; length necklace color quality materials, and different, clever mix of design styles, the same can increase suit dynamic and rhythm.

Special career and special occasions, it is best to wear a suit their own tastes and personality career personalized jewelry, jewelry should give full play to the emotional and cultural connotations, making it a symbol of the body language, it is best to wear professional design unique jewelry products. Most fully embodies its own unique taste and personal charm.

Normally, when the household tourism and leisure, the same should be noted that the form of jewelry to wear and match with clothes, usually in such an informal setting, designed to be worn with colored gemstones and semi-precious stone jewelry, and casual clothing with each other, through the flat a different kind of taste.

Spring visit family and friends, is our best opportunity to demonstrate their own personality and taste of the wearer, timely and appropriate manner to wear colored gemstone jewelry, give this special millennium spring, adding a little color, and give your family and friends a kind of enthusiasm and relaxed feeling. During the Spring Festival, such as participating in the celebration banquet party and other formal occasions, should have to wear expensive jewelry sets jewelry design, wearing two or more pieces of jewelry, it should be noted with Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale jewelry designer to help you solve this problem, design a suite of jewelry.

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