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16.07.2014 08:39
Hollywood actress wedding ring with multicolored antworten

Diamond wedding Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store ring is the preferred public, but Hollywood celebrities brides do not think so, they have chosen non-traditional style of colorful rings, diamond seems to have bid farewell to the era.

From this we can see that the time has come friends colored gemstones. In the future trend of engagement rings, the colorful splendor of colored gemstone ring will give you the goddess brings no small surprise for you. Let us admire the famous Hollywood actress and their beautiful wedding ring it.

Angelina - Jolie - alone love intense wine red tourmaline

Julie, in the eyes of men is fascinating and charming roses, flowers in a woman mind is prickly wild rose. Her beauty, like a cup of raw wine, injecting a bit of concentration, she began to rave; inject a little smile, she began fragrant; injecting a bit of motherhood, she began to mellow; injecting a bit of ice, she began to temptation.

Choose strong as this type of wild girl Julie burgundy tourmaline ring, but the best, just the color look good enough to make her become the focus, along with the floating light as if to four overflow thick mellow. Rectangular and round cut diamond trim, to pay tribute to the noble and self-confidence of women, craftsmanship doubt to show the elegant burgundy tourmaline heritage.

Jessica - Alba - sweet and sexy magic glow Smart olivine

Jessica - Alba, sweet chocolate beauty, Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale known as the world's most beautiful face. An eye-catching peridot ring with round diamonds woven into fine ribbons complicated, intertwined linger, such as the auditorium elegant carols. Selection of the world's most high-quality olivine, Smart and elegant retro elegant sexy green glow extraordinary magic ring only the lucky people who get to glimpse its secrets.

Anne - Hathaway - exclusively charming red tourmaline

Hollywood's new breed of "America's Sweethearts", Anne Hathaway as the "Julia Roberts and Audrey Hepburn" comprehensive body best suited While dazzling brilliance tourmaline rings, rose gold during the cold platinum diamond adds a touch of gentle Jiaoqiao , colors and sparkling ruby red tourmaline charming complement each other. With the most perfect process, show ring arm naturally pure and beautiful curves, creating a luxurious texture, bring out the dazzling brilliance of the diamond.

Kate - Moss - noble Queen Fan children struck green tourmaline

Queen Kate's wedding can definitely use the "wedding of the century" is the word to describe, but the contrast Kate - Moss diamond ring is very simple, but the queen's diamond ring gas field led to the minimalist trend. Her hands this green tourmaline ring become big hits, without excessive modification, with an overwhelming pride in glamorous aura.

Natalie - Portman - Tanzania Dan Chuanshi Classic

Natalie - Portman in "Black Swan", the interpretation of the French do not like sexy and romantic. Black dress, Erotic eyes, lotus-like pleasant, make her look unique, fascinating. Strongly recommended understated and classic tanzanite ring, it was the subject of rare tanzanite to flawless Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale diamonds transparent contrast, supplemented by excellent cutting process, showing a time withstand classics honed.

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