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Gulls Cove Jersey City is a premier condominium development for individuals looking to stay in the Jersey City area. Whether a small condominium for the occasional stay or the primary residence for you in the city Ray Nitschke Jersey , Gulls Cove can provide it all. There are so many great reasons to choose Gulls Cove Jersey City for your next home.

One of the main reasons that individuals have been choosing Gulls Cove as their home is that it does not have a bloated slight line. This means that your view is nicer than many of the other buildings that are located around the Jersey City area. There are no parking structures within the sight lines and many of the other buildings are of similar beauty and size. In addition, there is a much nicer atmosphere at ground level than some of the other developments provide. Cross streets are more decorated and it is easier to walk to destinations in the surrounding neighborhood than in many others.

Gulls Cove is located between Paulus Hook and Van Vorst Park districts. This is the perfect location to live because there are plenty of connections to culture and other destinations. You are close to Newark International airport and the PATH system. Gulls Cove is one of the largest buildings built in Jersey City. It is built on only 80 acres of live. There are over 6,500 residences available in the building. Oversized windows and modern exercisehealth fitness facility add onto some of the features of the building. Luxurious kitchens and a rooftop putting green simply add to the many other features that this condominium building has available.

There is parking available at Gulls Cove. However, the parking is underground in a three story garage. Residents may park their vehicle there but it may be subject to an additional fee charged at time of purchase Paul Hornung Packers Jersey , per month or yearly. Gulls Cove is more of a living community than many of the other downtown Jersey City condos. For example, there are shops including a bakery and several boutique stores within the development itself. This means that residents do not even need to leave the building to grab something small for dinner or simply to sit down and relax with. The more time spent traveling means that you do not get to enjoy your home as much!

Gulls Cove Jersey City is one of the condo buildings that you want to own a condominium in. Whether you consider the fact that you do not have obstructed views, great waterfront location, easy access to culture or astonishing condo residences there are some many reasons to live here. Condos range in size from 500 to 1750 square feet with a price range of anywhere from $300 Paul Hornung Jersey ,000 to $1,000,000 plus. Any resident who decides that they want to sit back and relax can choose to! This building will not seem like a condo development when you are living in it. It will seem more like a hotel that you are being allowed to enjoy all of the time.

Are you looking for the best downtown jersey city condos? Visit bestjerseycityhomes today for more information!

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