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15.07.2014 08:17
Exaggerated fashion jewelry detonate gas field antworten

The "Spring publicity wearing body" battle plan, spearheaded actress! Sammi Cheng, Karen Mok, Xiongnai Jin, etc., or whims or sweet actress who, one after another to create an exaggerated fashion Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store jewelry style. Editing feel not only the screen in front of you will feel "very watchable"!

Xiongnai Jin recent blockbusters, except this one was obviously edited to make sense of the season. Compared to those who play with lace and red coat dress, this group even more fresh and interesting shapes. The first is a large area of green striped dresses, high waist so that the body becomes slender, white, and green stripes to meet and it looks clear dynamic. Xiongnai Jin with a pair of huge earrings with the same color, even more assertive and interesting.

Here recommended a set of earrings, gold color to make it wilder, spring can revel in the atmosphere. This pair of earrings, and Xiongnai Jin wearing styles quite, belonging to the large area of the hollow ring styles, Meanwhile, the earrings in the material to create gorgeous texture effects, changes in delicate touch and light, so this earring exudes a different kind of charm.

Blue, green is also inherited from the last winter, alive fashion colors. Spring wearing a classic striped dresses, if blue, green kind of cool fashion colors, will make you seem extraordinary personality. Of course, the main theme of spring still warm, so it is more suitable for gold earrings with travel.

Sammi long time without stunning modeling exposure can be described as a blockbuster debut this spring. On the textured crepe, under a neon pencil pants, bursting with bold shapes fashion sense. Under the seemingly clueless mashup mix of full fashion charm. Sammi will be more Tiffany and Co Bracelets Jewelry Outlet Online Store exaggerated jewelry armed body, a great momentum in the spring to wear immense publicity.

Colorful downloading this spring will be more rapid swept the fashion circle, whether rich color printing exaggerated skirt or pencil pants, long and monochrome outfits, will be able to demonstrate excellent texture. In this group match, edit the black stitching tropical print shirt with pencil pants, in order to highlight the breath of spring, and then with the green, black hand bag hit the color. Finally, this personalized bracelet Lalique simple embellishment, fashion modeling assertive enough to conquer the spring!

For spring wardrobe, the beauty of a pretty yellow dress is essential. Warm yellow, bright mood representatives, it is easy to be happy. Referring again to Karen's outfit, we can heeled sandals Roman costume, both were tall and remarkable temperament. Finally, to the number of dotting this snake bracelet, if you would like some of the more violent spring of publicity, a green frame retro Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale sunglasses can make your wish come true.

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