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14.07.2014 04:29
Scientology Spy Network antworten

Scientology Spy Network Exposed

The pdf version of a Church of Scientology International document linked below gives the names, ranks and serial numbers of dozens of OSA (Office of Special Affairs Corporate Scientology dirty tricks network) operatives for the Western United States (west of the Mississippi). You may need to use the zoom function under the view tab of your computer to make the names and information legible. Please feel free to share information you may have on these folk so that dots may be connected. Also share any dot connecting you can do from your own experience and data so that others may understand, and thus be protected from, Corporate Scientology dirty ops arm. Realize many deep cover intelligence operatives are not named here but your recognizing connections to some of these official OSA resources may lead to the exposure of such moles. Note that this document is a work in progress (see instructions on top for DSA to update it) and though relatively recent is not up to date.

Some names you will recognize as folk who have already declared independence. In fact, Bert Schippers who has declared independence from the church and has previously publicly acknowledged and taken responsibility for his OSA volunteer work on this blog confirmed the accuracy of the entries on him and his wife Lynne Hoverson. May many more on this list follow the ethical, principled path blazed by Bert and Lynne.

is the best disinfectant Louis BrandeisGreat list! It true, I did do many PR activities for the church and am happy to hear they recognized my for it ;). Interesting that it states I had a PTS situation that I refused to go to an org and get handled. That is hysterical as my situation was refusing to continue to promote what I learned was a PR sham. In reality I de PTSed by no longer participating and then leaving all together.

Too bad OSA, I still have quite the flair for it. These days I use that talent to help legitimate non profits and to expose the crimes of the Church of Scientology.

By the way my wife used to be GAS member working under deep cover and I audited a few deep cover ops so I kinda know how the game is played.

However there seems to be a twist here as anyone else other than those working under deep cover directed against Government or Psychiatric Institutions like WFMH AKA SMERSH and NIMH were at least known by the Staff if not the public as Guardian Assisting Scientologists.

However thanks to Bert and Lynne brilliant intel coup anyone working for OSA can be pretty much known to everyone

It also explains why some of people on this list started to get with me after I was pretty much labeled as with Management sometime after Ron passing.

I knew I was pretty much labeled as such.

I just didn know to what extent they were keeping tabs on me now!

Anyways Wholesale Jerseys thanks for posting this Marty.

It has definitely blown some charge in my universe

So thanks once again Lynne and Bert and of course you Marty for brightening up my day!

BTW you see a new email address in the email section because the old one doesn work for some reason.

Frank Clark was listed in the Seattle area. While I was still volunteering at the Org as a

Chaplain I was doing a string pull on Frank Clark and wrote up a big KR on him because what I found I considered to be illegal. The DSA Ann Pearce got very upset that I was doing job. HCO was manned with young girls barely into Scientology. Turns out now besides potentially covering up another crime to protect Scientology ( like Jan Eastgate ) she may have been trying to cover up for one of her operatives.

FBI, if you are out there and are interested I would be happy to give you all the details.

It now a bit embarrassing to be on that list. We truly thought that we were doing what was best. But, I always had questions about those who we were Wholesale NFL Jerseys protesting or investigating, such why are they doing what they are doing? I asked but never got real answers just that they were SPs, etc. There was always some doubt in the back of my mind.

Then when the anons started up, I looked at some of their signs saw the ones on disconnection, and I thought, well they are correct about that having experienced enforced disconnection of family members several times already.

Bert the ones who should be embarrassed are the ones who are on the list and are still drinking the KoolAid! That something to be embarrassed about. Trusting an organization that spouits lofty goals and claims to be helping everyone on planet earth is nothing to be embarrassed about. Piercing the wall of lies and walking out with your dignity in place is something to be proud of. I understand your sentiment, but if there is one place where you have no need to apologize, its right here. You are good people. I am happy to know you. And that goes for a lot of others here too.

You both are as usual spot on. The garbage comm cycles that come from Kool Aiders is totally in character with them. Besides since SP (the real ones) and their croonies, like John Allender, deal in generalities and alter ised truths (thus the lie that sticks them in Time/Whole Track), there will always come viewpoints from these beings that deal with not able to view/spot the truth of something if their lives depended on it (and OF COURSE IT DOES!).

They not just shooting foot bullets, they shooting soul bullets. Slowly, day by day doing themselves in, one bullet at a time.

2 weeks ago, I e mail the news on Jan Eastgate arrest to about 400 Scientologists, churchies. One guys responded:

You are definitely setting a horrible example of a Class V grad c/s with your communication. Wow! You are an embarrassment for LRH and his legacy.

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