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Jewelry and body antworten

Reasonable choice, with Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store ewelry that reflects your refined aesthetic taste and cultural qualities. To choose to wear jewelry to clothing as the basis, consistent with maintaining the overall style: wearing business attire should choose concise and elegant jewelry, if straight lines, simple combination of block surface suits, plus delicate beaded necklace or pendant earrings mix of small, can best embody ably elegant office ladies; evening dress, fur and other precious or thick fabric with jewelry diamond jewelry look elegant; casual clothes to wear weird artistic jewelry will be more fun, individuality; like thin silk clothing is dainty delicate jewelry selection, highlighting the gentle and delicate temperament. Choose to wear jewelry to pay attention to the shape echoes the style and color coordination on. Consistent color matching jewelry because the shape and form a coherent unified visual effects. Formal occasions and clothing optional package commensurate jewelry may seem grand and stately; most of the time the most popular piece of jewelry.

Jewelry and body

Tall people generally should not wear a single shape, bright colors and sizes and small jewelry, such as earrings small, narrow thin K gold series, or give people the feeling of a small and mean; petite women should wear some shapes strange particle size is too large jewelry, such as necklaces or long V-shaped agate necklace, ring, etc. too wide, otherwise it will become all the more emaciated.

Not every woman can have the satisfaction of the body, and therefore by wearing Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store jewelry to cover some flaws on the body type, gradually as many of the beauty of women friends who know. This is one of the tips, pay attention to them can be very demanding: a short thick neck, can be worn long or more V-shaped necklace long necklace strung with pearls deco necklace form to make sagging neck downward feeling extended; opposite neck lanky man should wear a shorter necklace. Partial dwarf type select jewelry principle is dealt with gently, dilute gas of hard to add a sense of delicate and exquisite, slender necklace should choose simple shapes, the best choice with matching elegant pearl pendants, as earrings, rings shall be thickness properly, too rough people feel chunky, too thick fingers Association and its disproportionate; higher type of person to wear the necklace should be thick and long, pendant shape should be large and rich, rings and earrings inlaid jewelry should choose a primary and secondary collocation; compared with lean people, choose to wear jewelry principle is "light ornaments central" and "glorious sides", necklaces and pendants should choose those small and simple, and not too long, and the earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. should choose a more ornate, such as ears wearing a size slightly larger swing pendant ring wearing thicker wrist bracelets, you can make the ears, arms and hands scintillating and people feel less lean; compared fat people tend to look bloated, and thus weaken the body when wearing jewelry requires both sides, earrings, rings, bracelets and other visually should choose dark colors, simple shapes, but the shape pendant necklace should choose long and thin, large and multi-posture, such jewelry bright, attractive, easy to attract others attention, fat people will inevitably compare mast arm and wrist, bracelets or armbands should choose broad and wide, if wearing a thin and small, anti-people feel more bulky arm . And in general, fat people's fingers short and flat, it should choose to wear narrow Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale rings, from landscaping.

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