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10.07.2014 16:26
bonnet supreme to sign it? Use their own antworten

So to say, to achieve great idea does seem a bit difficult on souvenirs, so many World Cup mascot, football team, around all aspects, it seems that we are almost done! How to give their full World Cup commemorative marked "Brazil Brand"? In Brazil around the post office, also issued a commemorative World Cup, and is organized around the 12 cities have a game, we saw a young man from New York at the post office, he bought a lot of postcards, and then paste the host city World Cup commemorative stamps, showed me his hand a dozen postcards, and feel very proud of myself this is good idea, good idea! In fact, fans will have a lot of their new ideas. FAN FEST fans in Sao Paulo section, we encountered fans from Chile, she bought a World Cup's official T-shirts, get the fans section, find the site a lot of fans to sign, bonnet supreme to sign it? Use their own language to write the word football. My colleagues and I met a few of our Chinese people, she is particularly happy because in a number of letters which can have Chinese character. This is her unique creativity.

June 19, Tong Liya said on the microblogging drama "Ordinary World" in the part they play on the field Runye end of the 20th shot, and subsequently forwarded on 22 June on the microblogging husband on the recent "derailed door "and declared that" all these things out of nothing, say nothing of the letter ~ I, we are good to go again! Thank you to our concern! "Tong Liya end after shooting drama did not like outsiders thought of as fly back to Beijing rest, while Chen Sicheng has also international flights to rush back to Beijing. It is learned that network transmission has been pregnant Tong Liya miscarriage may have been to Hong Kong, while after sending his wife hurried back to Beijing to Hong Kong to continue to deal with the mess "derailed door" after. Recently, Sohu video on international flights out of the airport gate found Chen Sicheng figure, he wore white V-neck vest, black vest and black pantyhose, a baseball cap brim pressure is very low. He was carrying a backpack, two assistants and a woman pushing a luggage cart, the trio walked seemed disoriented, stopped for a moment to discuss the foot before the casquette supreme elevator down to the basement, casquette supreme pas cher found a white nanny car. After two assistants put the luggage cart with waved goodbye, then boarded the bus to leave. BEIJING, June 25, according to British media reported on the 24th, with the increasingly serious situation in Iraq, extremist groups rampant in the country, "Iraq and the Levant Argenteuil Islamic country" to start their own "propaganda campaign." At present, the website of the organization began selling slogan printed T-shirts, and other clothing.

Reported that most of the printed "in Iraq and Lebanon where Islamic country Argenteuil" (ISIS) slogan clothing is sold through Indonesia websites, clothing varieties include T-shirts, hoodies and baseball caps. Online stores openly sell these clothes, so that people began to worry, ISIS will gradually become a "terrorist brand." "Iraq and the Levant Argenteuil Islamic country" is active in Iraq and Syria, "Jihad" organization. The organization was founded in 2013, was in Iraq from the "base" organization extends from. Foreign media, ISIS has become the world's most dangerous "Jihad" organization, even the "base" organization by surprise. "Iraq and the Levant Argenteuil Islamic country" Iraqi security forces earlier this month and the outbreak of violent conflict in the past two weeks after another to win some of the towns in northern and western Iraq. U.S. President Barack Obama had already announced a series of initiatives to help the Iraqi government fight the rebels. In addition, a number of countries, including Iraq's neighbors Syria, Iran, Iraq, extremists also pay close attention to the offensive, and has begun to strengthen defense and contingency measures.

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