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10.07.2014 16:25
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Did not expect her daughter boarded the "Where Daddy" and let Tian tasted the bursts of sweetness. But even popular, but still humble Tian said recently in an interview: "My goal in life is to beat the play, when a more competent dad life will tilt toward the family, and more time out with the family, with their children.." hot summer is coming, presumably everyone wanted to have a cool summer joy. Summer outing hat is essential, it can not only shade as well as decorative, protective multiple functions. Then came Sunday to participate in the central city of the reception center hand-painted baseball caps DIY activities, enjoy the fun experience of hands-on DIY it. Baseball is a very popular sport in the United States, and a team defensive game most players are to wear a hat, but that hat is called a baseball cap. Baseball cap originated with the United States, and now such a different style hat made ??in China are also increasingly more popular. There is now a baseball cap visor, hair, decorations and other functions, and more fashion, can be used as a decorative supplies. This Sunday (May 25) ? Central City Central special instructor to teach you hands-on DIY baseball cap, painted patterns on their favorite baseball cap, and certainly very interesting. To draw a top central city unique baseball cap as yourself, not only to withstand the hot sun can add a personalized wild fashion items for themselves.

America is still a holiday, this morning, she was daughter microblogging drying out in a group of street photographs, photographs of chick wearing, holding a red apple, put lovely shape Meng turned friends. casquette Netizens snapback have commented, "chick face ruddy than Apple," "Angela Fan children getting it." April 2 hearing, Taiwanese street casquette snapback brands Less recently with American baseball apparel brand Ebbets Field Flannels together to create a baseball hat. Series from the above four models are presented in a baseball cap retro styling composition, overall gray and crimson Both were accompanied by large font "L", and the two outer body is equipped with two gray hat brim of the red and blue with the "LS" word. This afternoon, the city Public Security Bureau announced that the Pack River police investigation lasted more than two months, from more than a thousand hours of surveillance video, find four fellow wearing a baseball cap theft gang, and eventually they caught.

It is understood that four suspects per capita for the same village, they grew up together, drifting out long. By the end of July last year, the four fled to Hefei, specifically stealing items unattended vehicle and battery electric vehicles. More than six months in Hefei, they were more than 20 crazy crime, including last October 24 at noon, they stolen a car in the more than 10 million in cash. ) Xiang is still an American holiday, this morning, she was drying out her daughter Wang Shi age group of street photos in the micro-Bo, photographs chick wearing a baseball cap, holding a red apple, put lovely shape Meng turned friends. Netizens have commented, "chick face ruddy than Apple," "Angela Fan children getting it."

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