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The Top 5 List site to start debates

FUTILE FANTASY IS BACK!! GET IN THE GAME!! Here are the rules and the player pools you can select from:

Here are the rules again for a quick reminder:remember, you are trying to pick THE WORST team points wise, so cheer for futility.

Who ever has THE LOWEST score wins. So really, we are playing golf. So pick a four pack of bums and get in the game! Here are the rules for a quick refresher.

Each team will be comprised of one QB, RB, WR and TE. The game is meant to be simple. Pick one of each.

Each player picked for each position must be a STARTER and must be PLAYING that week. (For instance, you may not pick Matt Cassel because he is not starting (yet), but you may pick Russel Wilson.)

Your RB slot has to be filled with the first string (and starting) RB from a team. You may not use full backs or H backs.

Scoring is standard scoring. All touchdowns count as 6 points (including passing TD's). 25 throwing yards equals 1 point. 10 yards rushing andreceivingequals 1 point. 2 for fumbles and INT's.

No Monday night players. The reason for this is we will be able to get some instant gratification Sunday night. I will post the winners then.


QB Jay Cutler, Josh Freeman, Andy Dalton, Michael Vick, Andrew Luck, Matt Schaub, Women's Gabe Jackson Jersey Russel Wilson or Eli Manning.

RB Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, Demarco Murray, Daren McFadden, Benjarvis Green Ellis, Reggie Bush, CJ Spiller, Stephen Jackson, Doug Martin, Trent Richardson.

WR Andre Johnson, Lance Moore, Calvin Johnson, Desean Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, Mike Wallace, Victor Cruz, AJ Green, Pierre Garcon, Reggie Wayne, James Jones, Steve Smith (Carolina) or Brandon Marshall

TE Kyle Rudolph, Jermichael Finley, Jason Wittin, Owen Daniels, Brent Celek, or Jared Cook.

Select one from each pool and leave your team in the comments below! Good luck.

Rayquaza, Reshiram, and Zekrom:These three dragon type Pokemon represent Daenerys three dragons the green Rhaegal, the white Viserion, and the black Drogon.

Rapidash:The fiery horse Pokemon represents Khal Drogo, leader of the horselords of Essos, who trekked across the burnt desert with Daenerys as his Khaleesi.

Ursaring:The bear represents Ser Jorah Mormont, of Bear Island Daenerys bodyguard and advisor.

Hydreigon:The three headed dragon type Pokemon represents House Targaryen sigil of a three headed dragon. I know she already has three dragons in this, but c just go with it.

Glaceon:The ice type Eevee evolution represents Ghost, Jon Snow direwolf companion.

Beartic:The ice type bear Pokemon represents Jon Snow home in the icy North.

Murkow:The crow Pokemon represents Jon Snow pledge to the Night Watch who often are referred to as by the Wildlings.

Cubone:The ground type, mother skull wearing Pokemon represents the death of Jon Snow mother, an event that has defined him for much of his life. Also, like Cubone, Jon Snow is sadALLTHETIME.

Lampent:Lampents steal spirits away, sorta like those ice zombie things north Ravens Terrence Brooks Jersey of the Wall. Also, they ghosts, and Jon Snow has a direwolf named Ghost? Yeah, it a stretch, but so is the entire idea of Pokemon existing in this series.

Froslass:Well, this is a ghost and an ice type. Jon Snow always up in the ice, plus his last name is and the whole a dog named Ghost thing. Although, if we being honest here, Jon Snow got a lot on his hands already, he doesn really have time to be training Pokemon. And if heweretraining Pokemon for some reason, he probably would just make the best team he possibly could not stick to some kind of personal Like, he probably wouldn really wantTHREEIce types.

Entei:It a lion? And that the sigil of House Lannister? I know it a Legendary Pokemon and all, but whatever, maybe they bought it somehow. Yeah, let go with that. The Lannisters would probably just buy a bunch of awesome Pokemon.

Meowth:He likes money. I mean, he sucks, but the whole money thing works pretty well, right?

Sableye:When I googled Pokemon, he was the first one to come up, so here we are.

Ludicolo:He seems like he be a big party guy Pokemon, right? Tyrion pretty down with partying too. Also, there was no Pokemon. Or Pokemon. Maybe there will be in X/Y though, so maybe I should have held off on this another month or so.

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