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09.07.2014 11:13
Bracelet in dance antworten

Hot summer nature inevitably have a lot of exposed skin needs, but if so without decoration may seem monotonous, attention to detail girls certainly will not miss such a good chance to choose their own trinkets to decorate their bodies and mood, you see, that jingle bell wrist Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale bracelet is dancing the dance of joy.

01 one by one very small love together, but delicate tenderness, for do not like too much publicity, but the details of the pursuit of girls, Swarovski crystals embedded in the hearts, symbolizing perpetual friendship. Choose a bracelet to give to their girlfriends, this feeling can last forever heart wishes to maintain crystal clear and transparent.

02 crystal trim may seem noble and generous love this very relaxed casual style, revealing some lazy little girls temperament, make bracelets seem clever at ease. Capsules full of Tiffany and Co Bracelets Jewelry Outlet Online Store crystal clear blue symbolizes deep emotion, blue and some depression, some beautiful, you can also make the skin look more white wrist fine.

03 sterling silver bracelet skeleton looks unique connection allows, let the girls with bracelet looks more independent woman with a strong temperament, purple sleeping romantic and elegant, rectangular shape echoes the connection skeleton, meet performance girls have a rigid side theme, but a small ball attached to a chain, but concealing the girl’s soft kind heart.

04 The diamond-studded bracelet believe sisters and not feel strange, because in a lot of stars we can see in the photos traces of its existence, stylish elegance, elegant, suitable for many occasions theme, unique shape also it became a darling of the stars of the main reasons.

05 chain ring chain, it is rather than a general sense of texture and relatively intriguing. Those gold and silver rings strung together apart, with playful fashion, silver ring studded with Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store crystals, it is luxurious and elegant, it has a nice name, called strung happiness, hope really able to string together all the happiness, passed by the wrist at heart.

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