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03.07.2014 15:29
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"Good voice" mentor Na Ying recently unveiled a black dress Airport, just good sound recording program unveiled so she should be the one with a black wool cap plus super sunglasses. Although it looks very "cold" but because this top corner of the devil to become super adorable baseball cap. Look Mami will bring a kind of playful sense. Really small accessories played a big role in how a pair of the dead who are not this body. Let us look at those also like to play tricks on the head of the female star: The most representative Meng: Wallace Wear a hat like this thing I am sure you all know, whether it is wool cap, bud caps, hats are still modeling Dress her little magic. Is the "Chopper Hat" dress to attend activities on Meng turned a public casquette supreme pas cher vote, panda baseball cap is a street of her high utilization of a single product. Review, it appears as a lover, not a few really do not kindness hat.

Most to steal the spotlight representative: Lady Gaga Lady Gaga as a mother mine modeling industry how can forgo the opportunity to make an issue of it in the head? Of course, is to spare no effort to use a variety of creative impact on people's aesthetic. Whether she believes participating in the ceremony lightning silver geometric modeling hat, or shiny silver lobster hat have left us a deep impression. The most elegant bonnet supreme Representative: Princess Diana Diana lifetime legend, left wearing a hat image for him. A slanting top box and shrouded in a thin layer of gauze, encrusted daffodils. Today's hat is also up to people to learn thirds Princess Kate's. Most personal representatives Faye: Faye from his debut to now married and moved to give all maverick personality. Her sunburn makeup, her head high heels all to that era left a deep imprint.Digital baseball cap, digital Tank casquette supreme Top, metal necklace, high-top skate shoes together lively, and quickly look at the next man is how God Vanness use a single product to play the wind right out of rock.

Rivet baseball cap is a hot trendy street rock single product family, no matter what kind of clothing on the body, it can also bring out an intense rock street fun. If you do not believe it look under Vanness this body shape, simple T-shirts and skateboard pants easily be trendy baseball cap sense to infected. Tough denim jacket with a white T-shirt, this layering better reflect the sense of trendy alternative. Printed in black and white high-top shoes so that the overall shape adds a lot of vitality and dynamism. Black round frame sunglasses instantly ignited the fashion sense. Loose letters vest, but also on the streets of the summer wearing Method Man best. In large letters, you can find some words to bring a sense of fun rock. Loose vest style is more suitable for summer wear. As long as such a vest with jeans is the most efficient mix of cases. Baseball leather jacket itself with a strong sense of the street, a case of personalized stitching jeans, it becomes even more indulgent, often giving such a move with the potential rebellious taste. Baseball jacket dress well is rock boy wearing bad boy becomes a dandy taste. So when you try to avoid complicated mix, simple to Kazakhstan.

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