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His body language signaled uncertainty antworten

EAST RUTHERFORD, N. Cheap New Orleans Saints Jersey .J. -- Jake Ballards right knee is bothering him a bit. Not enough, though, to keep him out of a game this big. The New York Giants tight end was listed as questionable Friday for the NFC championship game at San Francisco after having a "little procedure" on his right knee Thursday night and sitting out practice. "Im not concerned," said Ballard, who experienced some swelling. "I just saw the doctor a little bit last night and they performed the procedure. Ill be ready to go. They just pulled me out just to rest me for the day." Neither Ballard nor coach Tom Coughlin would discuss what was done to the knee, but Coughlin said it was "not surgery." "The knee was a little sore today and I should be ready to go for the game," Ballard said. Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks was limited in practice after tweaking an ankle, but said hell be fine. Running back Ahmad Bradshaw (foot) returned to practice, but was limited. No surprise there, though, since he has practiced just once a week since the injury in early December. Centre David Baas missed practice because of a stomach illness, similar to the one that sidelined quarterback Eli Manning for a day earlier this week. Hes expected to be fine in time for the game. Ballard missed the last two games of the regular season after injuring the posterior cruciate ligament in the knee against Washington on Dec. 18, but returned for the post-season. He had one catch for 17 yards at Green Bay, and two for 16 in the opening round against Atlanta. The second-year tight end from Ohio State had 38 catches for 604 yards and four touchdowns during the regular season. "The PCL is not going to heal overnight," Ballard said. "Its usually six or seven weeks where you dont feel it anymore, and its only been about four maybe." Travis Beckum said hed be ready to start if Ballard cant, but doesnt anticipate that. In fact, Beckum made light of the procedure, trading his shoulder pads for a scalpel. "I diagnosed him with a torn ACL, but hell be back," Beckum said. "I gave him some stuff and hell be back tomorrow." Ummm, Travis, what was your major in college? "Street pharmacy," Beckum said with a smile. "I used a butter knife. He has really thin skin." For the record, Beckum majored in human development and family studies at the University of Wisconsin. "Yeah, it was emergency surgery last night," Ballard said, smiling. "If I was missing a leg, thats probably what it would take to keep me off the field." Nicks, who has 13 catches for 280 yards and four touchdowns in the Giants two playoff games, was hurt while cutting during a route in practice. "It just kind of gave out on me, but it should be all right, though," he said. "Ive got no reason to be concerned about it. Its an important game. Ill put it out of my mind and not even think about it." Nicks said hell "and wrap it up real good" and be ready to go. Defensive ends Justin Tuck (shoulder) and Osi Umenyiora (ankle/knee), cornerback Corey Webster (hamstring) and linebacker Mark Herzlich (ankle) were all limited, but listed as probable for the game. Cheap Saints Jersey . 1 seed. James and Chris Bosh took the night off Monday, and the Heat were beaten 114-93 by the Washington Wizards in a no-contest game that guaranteed the Eastern Conferences top seed for the Indiana Pacers. So, no disappointment at all? "There would be no disappointment," said Dwyane Wade, who played because he needed some minutes after his recent nine-game layoff with a hamstring injury. Saints Jersey From China .C. -- Its one game Kevin Koe never looks forward to playing.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at Kerry, In the Pittsburgh/New York Islanders game last night, a goal was reviewed in the third period. The referee made no indication of a goal, he just blew the play dead. We assumed that it was no goal because he had intent to blow the whistle, but he didnt signal no goal either. He made no call, just blew the play dead, after the puck crossed the line. There was a gathering of officials, and the war room initiated a review, and called it a goal. The explanation was odd. It said the puck crossed the line legally, but it wasnt a reviewable play. But they did review it, and make a call where the referee didnt. I am confused. Can you clarify this? John Szpala John, You werent the only one that appeared to be confused on the play. The rookie referee that you referred to is gaining experience and learning his trade primarily in the AHL this season. He is also earning his stripes in every NHL game that he is assigned to work. While the AHL is a tremendous training ground for players and officials alike, things happen much more quickly at the NHL level. The speed and skill demonstrated in the best league in the world requires an adjustment and a quick learning curve to take place. Beyond just being a question and answer forum, I am aware that this Cmon Ref column is utilized from time to time as a teaching tool for fans, officials and even players. I sincerely hope our young referee friend learns from his experience in last nights game and in the constructive advice that I am about to offer beyond just answering your question, John. This was clearly a "good goal" that was correctly determined through a lengthy conference with all four officials on the ice. The other three officials on the crew assisted the young referee and provided their perspective when they saw that he was uncertain what had taken place. The expected protocol was handled perfectly in this situation both on the ice and by the Situation Room personnel, who initiated a call following the officials decision to confirm that the puck crossed the line in a legal manner. (No distinct kick, glove, etc. occurred during the crease crash of players from both teams.) The official response from the Situation Room posting reads: At 10:55 of the third period in the Penguins/Islanders game, the Toronto Situation Room initiated a video review because the puck crossed the Penguins goal line. The officials on the ice discussed the play and determined that the puck had crossed the Penguins goal line in a legal fashion. This is not a reviewable play. Good Goal New York Islanders. Now the lesson for the young man in stripes! On a red line dump-in by Matt Donovan of the Islanders, the puck travelled past our young referee as he backed into the zone and came to a resting spot against the end boards to the left of Pens goalie Jeff Zatkoff. Brooks Orpik was the first Penguin on the puck and as he attempted to make a play, a quick forecheck and active stick by John Taveres forced the puck in front of the net. Saints Jersey China. Kyle Okposo quickly threw the puck at the Penguins net, catching Zatkoff by surprise. The puck rested between the goalies pads and unfrozen as players quickly attacked the goal crease. Pittsburgh defenceman Paul Martin attempted to protect the puck and freeze it under Zatkoffs pads but instead, his stick caused the puck to accelerate and cross the goal line. The puck was clearly in the net before Thomas Vanek crashed the net and pushed Zatkoffs pads into the net. As quickly as these series of events took place, our young ref delayed his movement toward the goal and remained stationary at the sidewall. As the action in the crease intensified, he began drifting slowly toward the goal and was forced to avoid players that stood in his path. By the time the referee arrived in a position behind the net, the puck was visible to him inside of the goal frame but he was uncertain how it had arrived there. His hands in the air were not to waive off a goal but only to signal play stopped. His body language signaled uncertainty and a cry for help. Fortunately, the cavalry arrived in the form of two linesmen that charged to the net to offer their assistance. His referee partner needed to be just as quick on the scene to lend assistance instead of waiting at the refs crease to hold a conference. This is what you need to do the next time a play like this happens, kid. When players attack the net or a goal-mouth scramble results, you should "sprint" toward the net like a starving dog chasing a soup bone to find that puck! I found the best attack angle is just ahead of the goal line so you end up looking into the net and not through the back of players. Whenever you position yourself in the end zone, have your legs in a flexed (knees bent) and ready position to move quickly. Do not stand "stiff-legged" because your reaction time is greatly inhibited. Face the puck squarely, adjust and angle your skates in the direction of the puck as it continually moves about the end zone. In doing so, you are set up to either attack or retreat from the puck location! Finally, dont beat yourself up over this. You are the nameless rookie referee in this column that worked the New York Islander-Pittsburgh Penguins game last night on Long Island. I know how exciting it must be for you to step on the ice with Crosby, Tavares and all those great players. Enjoy each moment of it with every opportunity you are given. See the play quickly and remain in the moment, even if you have to engage in a Gord Miller—"Doc" Emrick style play-by-play in your head as I did on many occasions, to sustain the quick visual pace required at the NHL level. Embrace each experience as part of your learning curve and file it in your memory banks so that everything you do correctly becomes part of your "muscle memory." Above all, have fun doing one of the greatest jobs in the world! Work hard every game to find a better way. Best of luck and have a great career, kid! ' ' '

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