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26.06.2014 04:27
criticizing OU coaches antworten

Jefferson aren't supporting Williams so much as they're criticizing OU coaches

Too bad for Williams, of course, that his second game suspension was his last. And too bad Michael Sam Rams Jersey for the Sooners, who could always use a quality ball carrier, even if there are only two games left in his college career.

But perhaps the real trouble came via Twitter less than an hour later, when former Kenny Stills and Tony Jefferson two San Diego guys, two guys who played three years at OU and seemingly couldn't wait to get out condemned the news.

Williams also is from San Diego. He played most of two seasons at OU before his latest transgression. Bob Stoops didn't say what it was that got Williams disciplined he never does, always keeping these things in house and under wraps but Stills and Jefferson didn't need to hear anything firm from Stoops before passing judgment on his program.

Naturally, both former Sooners were quickly assailed on social media by Sooner fans.

Let's be clear: Stoops didn't kick Williams off the team because his talent slipped, or because he put his jersey in the wrong laundry hamper. Williams did something wrong, patently against Stoops' rules (or OU's rules), and apparently for the second time (insiders suggest this was a third strike). So Stoops dismissed him.

It's awful that pre draft rumors got out about Jefferson's supposedly poor work ethic. It's likely a huge part of the reason that he went undrafted. Although his talent clearly stood out in training camp, going undrafted cost Jefferson a lot of money. Reports last spring were that those rumors were started by someone on the OU coaching staff.

It's all such a murky business that it's not worth speculating on who said what to whom.

But it is painfully clear perhaps beginning a few years ago when former Sooners in the starting lineup for Monday Night Football games, such as Malcolm Kelly or Phil Loadholt, introduced themselves using their high school, rather than their university that the latest generation of OU football players has a major disconnect with their college coaches and their fan base.

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6 Share with Us. We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article. Stills to complain? Did anybody there affect his draft stock? Seems he has a pretty sweet deal.

How did Ryan Broyles manage to bribe his way through to the draft without being "sabotaged?"

Oh wait. His freshman year they really went after his draft stock with that gas station set up thing. I forgot about that one.

Come on. The two loudest critics here are two young men who were suspended their freshmen year, less than a month after the bowl game, for getting arrested. And they still don't appear to have grown up.

Notice that Brennan Clay (part of the San Diego crew) has had no problems, nor had many other Sooners of recent years who could actually handle the world not revolving around them. But it was clear to everybody, by the way Malcolm Kelly treated his QB's and others around him, that he was a prima donna.

Full ride scholarship and college degree from OU don't count for much, do they? Let Loadholt get the job he has with his high school diploma.

These guys have no idea the value of what college actually costs. Ask Dom Whaley. If anybody was wronged, it was him, in my mind. How many times did they have to suspend hm? Not once. I'd rather have seen him more his senior year. I missed that guy and what he represented.

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